Relubricating Factory Shielded Ball Bearings On1963 Pontiac Axle Shafts And Ford 9 Inch

Discussion in 'transmission and Drive train' started by B&R Racing, Sep 9, 2021.

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    Wanted to get something done today Right Hand Wrist is better Recoved some.

    Made a Pinterest Idea Pin how lubricate 1957-64 Pontiac and Oldsmobile 9.3" Differential Outer axle bearings Survivor Originals in good shape yet.
    Will apply to Ford 9 inch Differentials from Factory High Peformace Race Mustang packages and Full Size Ford Cars equipped with 9 inch.

    All the Aftermarket Outer wheel bearings are made in China now even for Drag Racing.
    Seen them fail crack split apart .
    Scary as Hell China Parts Street Racing and Dragstrip 100% Guarantee going to Die using China Sheet.
    Only way around is use Ceramic Ball Bearings cost is $300.00 each, $300 × 2 = $600.00, Mark Williams Racing sells the Ceramic Ball Bearings.

    Also Find Factory New Old Stock New Departure Ball Bearings what Pontiac Olds 9.3 Differentials used stock New day 1 for outer axle bearings.
    Hard to find, found 6 of them bought for myself.

    Just need to install axle shafts back into my spare 1963 Grand Prix Frame full roller so I can reinstall the back wheels move it so I can begin cleanup sandblasting the Roller frame chassis.
    Gave the Outer axle shaft ball bearings fresh Red Rotella Wheel Bearing Grease.
    Roll smooth by hand once again both ball bearings.
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    I stayed busy this afternoon.
    Right hand was Ok just couldn't pull the Old 1960s Lincoln Floor Jack across the grass 100 feet with my right hand long.
    Had to use my left hand.
    Not aching any just dont have 100 % grip strength I usually have with my right hand.
    About 70% only yet.

    Moved the spare 1963 Grand Prix Frame Roller chassis.
    Used the 1999 Chevy Tahoe in 4x4 low range and several tow nylon straps looped together to get about 80 feet length.
    Loop around the 5 acre farm to park it where I can easily access and move a short distance to sandblast clean.
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    B&R Racing reliable source of info

    Pricing out steel online this morning.
    To make a few Reinforcement brackets plates like I did to the Current Used 1963 Pontiac Gp frame on the car now for the Spare Roller Frame.
    Owned the car long enough I know where the Frames need to Reinforced for me Street Racing away hard.

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