removing a stuck cartridge case from reloading dies

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    cartridge cases need to be sized, if reloaded ,
    with lube on the case , to prevent cases sticking in sizing dies.

    Vaseline can be used, as a good cheap effective lube,
    roll the case on a cloth surface, lightly and frequently coated with Vaseline
    an un-inked ink pad is a great option
    watch the linked threads

    case remover kits

    lube pad

    one container will last at least several years of reloading

    its just not difficult to remove a case.if you don,t own a stuck case remover kit order one they are cheap, in the mean time,
    Back out the center thread stud with the ball expander and de-capper, as far as you can,drill and tap the primer pocket for a 5/16" bolt thread, find a 3/8" drive mechanic deep well socket that easily allows the brass case to slid inside but won,t allow the die to enter
    deep 5/8's inch spark plug sockets usually work,
    thread a bolt thats about 1/4"-to-3/8" longer than the socket, through the ratchet extension drive with several fender washers under the bolt head
    into the stuck case, as you tighten the bolt threads the case is pulled out mechanically

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