Removing Fiberglass Fiber Trash From Skin


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if you ever worked on sanding fiberglass body work on a boat or corvette with out wearing proper protective long gloves,

a mask and long sleeve shirts

ETC, you will eventually find out about the itch/irritant fiberglass dust can cause, if you do body work on fiberglass you will eventually find you get micro fibers embedded in exposed skin,
proper clothing and gloves and a face mask,(protection) is a better course than treating contaminated areas left unprotected,
the issue can last for days or weeks if untreated, its best to take a very cold shower ,with lots of DAWN soap as cold closes skin pores, and soap tends to allow most micro crud to flow easily off skin surfaces,
follow with a hot shower and lots of DAWN to open pores to release more micro crud, trapped in pores,
and wash any clothes you Cant afford to throw out separately several times before reuse.

if you don,t think getting a bunch of fiberglass fibers and insulation on skin is a big deal, consider the effect of a constant irritating scratch that just gets worse on moral,
during WWII British agents in occupied countries would sneak small containers of fiberglass insulation dust into laundries and hotel rooms , where it was liberally used and spread over clothes and bedding to cause a moral reducing problem, with the Nazis.(this was always blamed on BED BUGS )
so the soldiers spent time , resources and effort on insecticides and other useless work reducing their military's effectiveness.

one way that helps
roll a foot or two of duct tape, sticky side of duct tape on the outward facing surface of your hand, to form a sticky surface tube, to use to brush and collect micro fibers from skin,
the duct tapes adhesive side , can be useful in removing most fiberglass irritant from skin

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