replace/repair leaking oil pan drain

Discussion in 'Oil and Lube Systems' started by Grumpy, Jul 9, 2017.

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    honestly I read this and I'm just shaking my head,
    you don,t want to seal off the oil pan drain plug
    this is not very difficult or time intensive,repair and it has options
    you have several options\ if your going to cure the issue
    a couple jack stands ,wheel chocks and a floor jack and common mechanic tools are frequently all youll need besides a new oil pan gasket if you remove the oil pan, but yes on some cars it requires temporary removal of the through bolt on one or both engine mounts to lift the engine up an inch or so to get clearance to remove the oil pan, remember to rotate the crank counterweights to gain clearance.
    yes you could simply tap the oil pan drain hole to the next larger SAE or METRIC thread size and use a short bolt with a nylon washer to seal the oil drain, thats likely to cost under $20
    or you have other options

    if you want a good permanent repair,
    you simply remove the old drain plug bolt, let the oil drain and remove the oil pan, then have a friend with a decent welder and minimal skills weld a new oil pan drain plug and its new threaded seat collet, in place
    don,t try welding with the oil pan on the car its a significant fire hazard and its sure to leave crud inside the oil pan, if you don,t want to remove the oil pan , clean and degrease the oil pan where the drain goes very carefully and use J&B weld epoxy (not the best option)
    this with gaskets (i doubt youll be out more than 3 hours and $30

    (2) do some DETAILED research BEFORE YOU buy a replacement oil pan, so that it
    has the dipstick on the correct side
    the correct rear seal
    the correct oil pan to cross member and oil pan sump to cross member and suspension clearance for your cars chassis and engine type
    and a matching oil pump pick-up

    Id suggest a 6-7 quart baffled design be selected and installed if you want to improve durability over the typical stock 4-5 quart designs

    stock replacement 4-5 quart oil pans cost $40-$70

    cheaper baffled pans generally cost $90-$200

    this could cost you $75-$300 but you could be installing a much better oil pan.

    related info
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    You can buy oversize, double oversize, and triple oversize drain plugs to fix the problem quick & cheap. It's a common fix.
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    I like the oil drain valve option. Depending how stripped the threads in the oil pan are,
    I would red loctite the valve in there permanently. Problem solved.
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    Wonder if tech inspect would allow the drain valve looks like an awesome option.

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