replacing mercury lower ball joints

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  1. grumpyvette

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    the part number for the lower ball joints from napa is 260-1577 these cost about $64 EACH, when you get to the parts store and ask about the price and availability of ball joints if you can compare parts, youll soon see theres a huge difference in quality, comparing parts side by side, and remember you life might depend on suspension parts not failing at 70 mph when you hit a bump on the interstate some night!

    ball joint tool set that makes changing them much easier in many cases


    they have a cheaper set for about $24 each that looks like the cheapest crap imaginable in comparison ... 80141.html ... 0262146054
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  2. Indycars

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    The AutoClinix website sure had a nice set of instructions for replacing that ball joint. How long did it take you for both sides? Did you ever find any help?
  3. grumpyvette

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    Im still in the process, Im in no real hurry and working alone ,ILL let you know when I get it completed

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