rigging the welder feed?

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    I found this posted elseware and thought it might be worth mentioning..

    posted below..theres a thread , link you may choose to read through,
    what your doing is basically if I understand correctly is,
    that your using two separate 110 volt outlets breakers in your breaker box, on the same phase,
    too feed a single 110 volt welder,if you jumped the wires in the breaker box your effectively potentially feeding twice the amps down the wire to the welder before the two breakers will trip,
    theres a reason wire gauges have an amp rating...

    I know this may seem rather obvious only to some guys, but why not install a separate new 8 ga romex 3 conductor electrical outlet fed by a new 60 amp breaker to the welder outlet,
    yeah its a P.I.T.A. and could take hours and cost you a couple hundred dollars... still...
    In my mind, thats better than a potential fire starting in your attic or walls ,
    simply as a result of trying to rig the electrical feed to carry more current than it was really designed to handle.

    most quality welders come with a spec sheet stating the required volts and amps of the feed outlet,
    supply less the welder generally won,t work well, supply more and in some cases damage will eventually result


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    There is a 4 gauge, have to get it at welding supply, it’s rated at 70-75 amps, they may have to order it, that’s what I ran the subpanel to my garage with, if I remember it’s about $100/50 foot.

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