Shocking question


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I run an 86 Grand Prix that's lowered and it has few other minor changes. I recently changed out my front springs and noticed my Afco shocks had bottomed out at some point. I was going get some new Afco shock and just use a spacer to drop the body of the shock. I came across Bilstein street stock shock which has linear valving and a shorter shock option so I wouldn't have to use a spacer. It has the same travel per second as the Afco so the performance should be the same. They are a few more $$ than the Afco which isn't a problem but I'd like to know if I'm paying more for the marketing of a better known shock or for the shock itself..

I was looking for a forum for suspension stuff but there doesn't appear to be one so I stuck my question here in the lounge...did I miss it or any chance of making a suspension forum?


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both bilstein and afco make high quality suspension parts. however as far as i know afco is not a factory piece on any vehicle. bilstein however, is. i think the price premium you pay is for longevity and durability of the parts since GM had no problem putting warranty on bilstein shocks in corvettes and the like. by the way, punny title.

heres a thread with alot of links most of which are relevant to your question: