shop lighting


solid fixture here in the forum
Eddie went crazy with Lighting also Grumpy. A big garage he built and I helped also.
He used Those T6 HO Flourescent Light fixtures everywhere.
Did not understand why till finally doing race car Fabrication work.
You need the Super Bright lighting to see all.
Much more than general auto and truck repair.
I have not seen Modern LED Shop lighting with Right color.
Some hurt strain your eyes.

Only LED Light that is correct is COB LED Lighting by Milwaukee tools.
Thier Cordless LED Lights with rechargeable lithium ion battery packs.
Love the Cube LED Light by Milwaukee.
I have it and used for years now.
Ed has the same and we use non stop inside of cars fab working or underneath the car.
Just the right amount of yellow and blue wavelength light present.
See all colors natural and very bright illumination.


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Viribright 100W Equivalent LED Light Bulb, 1500 Lumens, 6500K Daylight, Dimmable 13-Watt LED Light Bulb, E26 Medium Screw Base, 25,000 Hour Life Time - Pack of 4

$17.00 for four bulbs :D


now obviously I have no idea yet how long these will last in service,
but I purchased several to replace the 100 watt bulbs in the internal motion sensor flood lamps,
mounted about every 20 feet along the wall and about 12 feet off the floor ,
in the perimeter walls of my shop, so far they are noticeably brighter bulbs,
that the 100 watt flood lamp bulbs they replaced