Shotguns For Home Defense


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that H&K, ITHACA , BROWNING and REMINGTON and WINCHESTER shotguns, have been ok,
and a few benneli shotguns are what Ive used for decades,
and recommend
Ive had several Mossberg's....they were ALL disappointing in my opinion,
as parts failed over time, long term durability was lacking.
now admittedly that all the personal and rather extensive in field and competitive testing,
took place at least 12-15 years or more ago,
and some shotguns brands have improved and some are no longer available
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The Grumpy Grease Monkey mechanical engineer.
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personally I think the BETTER QUALITY semi auto shotguns have a HUGE advantage ,
over the pump guns as most can easily be used ,
if the operator is wounded, with a single functional arm.
most have a marginally lower recoil level, and if you select your options a 5-8 shot shell capacity
keep in mind the AMMO, YOU selected, and USE!
has a huge effect on the shotguns effective use against any assailant
, in its effect on target , penetration, lethality ,reliability, accuracy and potential range
any you can vary the type, number and order of the shells used

some people load a slug in the chamber and followed by several buckshot,

thinking the first shot may be at a semi stationary target,
but if a second or more shots are required the targets sure to be moving
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