should you even think about doing it yourself?

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    well IM living proof that theres nothing on a corvette built on or before 1996 that the average mechanically inclined /serious hobbyist or similarly skilled corvette owner can,t tackle.
    it takes time, money and RESEARCH, but theres not a darn thing you can,t repair or replace on the car given that single car garage, a few basic mechanics tools and at least the basic heavy duty jack stands, floor jack, and possibly engine hoist.if you've got a ton of cash have a shop do the work,but basic component and body panel repair and replacement is something YOU COULD LEARN TO DO
    if you don,t know how to do something ASK LOTS OF QUESTIONS and BUY several books on the subject, ACTUALLY READ THEM, and do the NECESSARY research on the web, and then JOIN AT LEAST ONE LOCAL CORVETTE/HOTRODDERS CLUB

    this section on this site is DESIGNED for those questions
    but the very first step is BUY THE FACTORY SHOP MANUAL

    the only exception ID suggest is PAINTING the car, if your NOT prepared to get into the project fairly extensively simply because painting requires some EXPERIENCE, and someplace larger than a single car garage to get it correct, your very unlikely to get an excellent result on the first try, but its certainly not something you CAN,T DO!
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    Not to mention the great feeling you get when you've done something yourself and the loads of $Dough$ you can save!!
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    for many corvette owners any type of work on the interior, like replacing the carpet or re-upholstering seats, seems too be very intimidating, and yes its very true that if you've never seen what the work requires your certainly not alone in that idea, but if you can find an experienced mentor its not nearly as difficult too do as you at first might imagine the work too be!
    heres a good idea, and how I developed some of the required skills
    find someone, with experience who is willing too let you help and learn, who needs to replace or upgrade his cars interior and help them do the work on their car , as part of the learning process and buy the basic tools youll need before you consider doing the work on your car.
    this might sound a bit difficult, but if you join a couple local corvette or muscle car clubs your find its not all that hard to locate some older guys with skills that may be willing to teach you a few skills in return for help working on their project car, in many cases you might know how to do something like brake jobs , car waxing, or electrical or tune-ups that they may not be overly familiar with in exchange.

    read the links and watch the videos,

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