Small Journal Size 6" Connecting Rods For Early Sbc

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    where can I locate a set of 6" long SBC connecting rods for the early, small crank journal 302-327 SBC block?"

    there are spacer bearings that allow the early small journal , 302-327 cranks to be used in the more common later standard journal size 350 blocks, just as there are spacer bearings that allow the standard 350 crank to be used in the larger journal size 400 blocks

    many guys don't remember that the early 283-327 used a smaller 2" rod journal size
    the early small journal cranks matched to the longer length 6" aftermarket connecting rods used, with a forged internally balanced crankshaft,
    being used to build a 302-or a 327 were at one time generally preferred,
    as it was felt the smaller bearing surface area, on the early crank assembly,
    allowed for less friction and a bit higher rpm potential.
    from what I've seen the now far harder to locate the early block and smaller forged crank assemblies,
    don,t provide much of an advantage, certainly not if you use a hydraulic lifter valve train.
    and you'll certainly need lightweight forged pistons and a solid lifter valve train and roller rockers,
    and Id suggest a rocker stud girdle if you want to spin any SBC in excess of 7000 rpm,
    and yes I've always preferred SCAT rods with 7/16" ARP rod bolts

    What would be the part number for the scat rod .2.00 big end 6 inch long ? Thanks

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