some of the first videos Ive seen on an old but useful & valid tech.

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    as car speeds increase aerodynamics become far more important.

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    early chaparral cars used an adjustable angle air foil,
    later cars allowed the driver to adjust the pitch angle, and down force,
    even later versions used air foils that sensed down force and drag and self adjusted, or just used air pressure or vacuum,controls
    the most modern version use that tech plus GPS so the car can anticipate the requirements of the terrain ahead,
    this of course can result in cars with much more traction,
    great braking and handling, but also means some race car associations ban the use as it makes cars not equipped with the required similar intelligent,
    air foil tech non-competitive.


    some old saying's in racing


    "last seasons high tech, is todays standard equipment"

    " racing costs money, how fast do you want to go!"

    "If your not pushing the rules limits, hard,
    your probable watching the other guys tail lights"

    "if your in total control your not going nearly fast enough"

    "you don,t race cars! you race the rule book!"

    "theres only two types of racers....cheaters and losers"
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