something that, mildly exotic, that looks good, performs well and might be ideal in some applications


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I can see an intake like this in the video, on a 383-406 SBC in a T-bucket or cobra kit car ETC. making the car run well, look impressive and generally
helping you build something rather unique you could use as a show car, but use as a daily driver.
you could certainly assembly a mid range , but impressive 406 cid, maybe a 10:1 compression engine,
SBC with decent 200cc-225cc aluminum heads and a roller cam, long tube headers,
that easily exceeded 475-500 hp without much trouble.
considering several options I think its priced fairly reasonably.
personally Id be looking to match it with a vertex magneto to get the correct old school look and crisp performance

a crower 00471 hydraulic roller cam,

and some 1.6:1 roller rockers sure would work ok
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