stanley looking to buy craftsman tools division from sears

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    most of us have a few craftsman/sears tools, and I'd bet most people know that the QUALITY has changed over the last few decades , sears never made craftsmen tools they had other manufacturers produce them,it looks like sears is selling off craftsman tools so hopefully both the quality will improve and the grantee will be honored on existing tools
    currently many of the craftsman tools are imports, that may and hopefully will change or at least I hope the quality improves,
    lately I've been buying COBALT, STANLEY AND HUSKY
    simply because there are damn few sears stores still open in my area
    while home depot, lowes, and ace hardware and napa are local
    Most of the guys in my generation had a good many craftsman tools, but the quality seems to have dropped over the last 20 years so that even harbor freight , has some similar quality tools now.

    the quality of the mechanic hand tools being produced, by any company is mostly the result of the engineering parameters,the people designing and ordering the parts production, set up, that are being demanded, and the price or cost to meet those strength, stress, wear, corrosion and fatigue levels
    are always a trade off, it just costs more to have a light weight, high strength and highly accurately made, exactly to spec,matching too the blue print manufactured tool, and while modern manufacturing techniques can greatly reduce the per tool cost IF the parts made in MASS quantities , low volume production runs on individual parts can increase the per part cost a great deal.

    it might cost $200K-$800K to set up a single production line, and 50 cents to a few dollars worth of materials might be used in the production of each hand tool.
    make a million at a run, and amortized costs per tool go way lower than if your knocking out 1500-5000 at a run then setting up the machinery for the next batch
    and no company can afford to produce a million at a batch too lower individual costs unless the product sells in huge batches at a profit constantly.
    something like a ratchet wrench probably cost less than 10%-20% of what it sells for too produce, but its cost to build,ship, inventory ,advertise,and market adds up rapidly, especially if you can,t sell them in batches of 50K-100K every few days.
    County's like America, England and Germany used to be known for generally producing better quality tools than places like China and India , but now that many corporations are global where a manufacturer is located does not necessarily indicate the QUALITY of the parts being manufactured, but generally in my experience ,the old values hold true, Asian import stuff does NOT hold to the same level of quality, that AMERICAN AND GERMANY AND ENGLAND's company's do.

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    doesn"t Stanley own Mac or used to
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    Stanley Black & Decker buys Sears brand for $900M, will build U.S. plant
    Nathan Bomey
    @NathanBomey USA TODAY
    One of the nation’s bestknown toolmakers, Stanley Black & Decker, said Thursday that it will move more manufacturing back to the U.S. from overseas, including construction of a new $35 million factory after acquiring the Craftsman brand from ailing retailer Sears Holdings.
    Expanding American manufacturing makes “ business sense” amid “pervasive” uncertainty regarding the future of U.S. trade with China and Mexico, Stanley Black & Decker CEO James Loree told investors Thursday in a conference call.
    Although he did not mention Donald Trump by name in his remarks to investors, Loree hinted that the move has the side benefit of inoculating his company from the possible effects of the president-elect’s threatened “ border tax,” a tariff on imports.
    “It’s going to be advisable to have more manufacturing in the U.S.,” Loree said.
    The sale of Craftsman marks another big move by Sears Holdings to stem losses. It also announced the closing of another 150 stores, including 108 Kmart locations.
    Stanley Black & Decker is buying Craftsman for about $900 million, including future royalty payments. The move came several months after Sears put the Craftsman, Kenmore and DieHard brands up for sale as it seeks an elusive turnaround. Including the closing of 108 Kmart and 42 Sears stores, the company said the moves are “a difficult but necessary step as we take actions to strengthen the company’s operations and fund its transformation.”
    Stanley Black & Decker has about 3,000 U.S. manufacturing jobs today, up 800 from three years ago, according to the toolmaker. It was not immediately clear how many jobs the company plans to add.
    Loree said the location of the new manufacturing plant to produce Craftsman products has not yet been determined. The company currently operates 29 total U.S. plants.
    About a half-century ago, the Craftsman brand was primarily made in America. Today it’s largely made overseas, Loree said.
    “ We believe this is an excellent opportunity to re-Americanize and revitalize this legendary brand,” he told investors.
    In addition to the threat of trade policies that could damage imports, manufacturing products in the U.S. to sell to American consumers reduces logistics and distribution costs and lowers the company’s environmental footprint, Loree said.
    We believe this is an excellent opportunity to re-Americanize and revitalize this legendary brand.”
    James Loree, CEO, Stanley Black & Decker
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    Trump has not taken over yet, but we are already heading in the right direction.

    Unless you are one of those forever blind Democrats. What color is the sky in their world?

    Isn't it strange that it was determined that Russia hacked "classified" DNC emails.
    But aren't those the same emails from Hillary's home-brew server and cell phone
    that "did not contain classified info"?
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    It coming, Sears will be a store of the past and close within a few more years. Sears had so many great money makers under one roof it was crazy! Coldwell Banker for Real Estate; Dean (something I forget) for investments; Kenmore is gone now, Die hard is nearly gone to International Battery. Go into any Sears store today, they cut back on the departments, looks dated and second rate. Their electronics dept use to be huge, not any more. You can tell when the end is near, the board will hire a new CEO with a great big salary (because the stock is worthless) and he'll fail almost totally in the first quarter of his first tenure.
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    I knew sears was DOOMED when they stopped sending out mail order catalogs,
    and their service department , was basically sunbed out to other vendors and expensive.
    and instead of replacing THE CATALOGS with an extensive on line web sight ,
    they thought that people would still flock to brick & mortar stores
    think about it , if your going to be in that commercial market the customers need a good reason to go to your store vs the competition, like,BEST BUY, and walmart, that are doing fairly well, and have, in many ways a similar line of goods,
    but both advertise extensively and have a large selection and low prices, they deal in volume!
    if your competing commercially you need a reason to have consumers visit your locations and a reputation of standing behind your products
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    Every thing that made sears great has faded there products that made them a household name became crap. My parents have riding mower from there broke and suffers from poor design. Engine is fine but the rest of the little stuff is crap. I grew up looking through that catalog especially around Christmas time. But the whole shift from catalog to bulk email is not doing justice. I can scan and delete emails if I get a catalog in the mail I will look through it. Websites and emails supply links. A catalog has you flipping through pages. Like a supermarket has you going to the far corner for milk you have more of a chance to see some thing you might want. Just like Montgomery Wards which was Sears biggest competitor it will fade away.

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