steelcomp 588 bbc build

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    steelcomp built this 588 bbc build, and took pictures during the process[/size]

    Here are the build details:

    588ci BB Chevy, 1471, pump gas, 8.45:1cr
    4.56 bore x 4.50 stroke
    Dart Big M block 10.2" tall deck w/ billet caps
    Bryant billet crank with a bunch of Mallory
    JE reverse dome pistons
    JE 52S .200" straight wall wrist pins
    Total Seal AP series rings; steel top, Napier 2nd, high tension oil.
    Oliver billet 6.535" rods
    ARP hardware throughout
    Canfield 310 heads (ported to 335cc)
    Straub custom 4/7 swap solid roller
    T&D shaft rockers
    .903 Morel Ultra Pro lifters
    Smith Brothers 7/16x3/8 single taper .120 wall push rods
    Jessel belt drive
    ATI damper
    MSD crank trigger

    After the block is prepped, it's ready for machining. All our block machine work is done on a RMC V30 4 axis CNC. This block was bored, decked, and had the lifters bored for .903" lifters, while at the same time correcting any location errors (indexing to cam). We also check the cam tunnel for location and straightness. The mains are also checked and honed as necessary.

    While some of that is going on, the rotating assembly gets balanced. This is two days into this balance job, having to add ten slugs of mallory in four different countrer weights. Sometimes that's what it takes to do it right. The machine shop lets me do the balancing on my builds. Note to self: there is no money in balance jobs
    After that's all done it's back to my shop and time to start with the mock-up and test fitting. Here's what you can run in to, even with the best parts;

    Everything looks good there with plenty of clearance, so it's time to finish the rest of the block mods. The main caps all get detailed including the rear cap's oil passage (like all oil passages in the engine)...

    ...and with this build we chose to install piston oilers to help keep the pistons cool during those long WOT runs across the lake. Here, I'm detailing the sharp edg that the oil transfer slot leaves in the main bearing oiling passage. I don't like sharp edges in places like this.
    Pan to pick up clearance was over 1" to start, so I had to cut the basket loose and move it up (down) the pick up tube. Fortunately there was enough tube inside the basket to adjust. Final check with clay showed about 1/2" clearance before tightening the pan. Should net a little less than 7/16".
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    you don,t see many guys go thru the effort to install custom oil jets to keep the pistons cooler
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    here is a barely related (both larger displacement BBC engines) build video
    keep in mind they are promoting aftermarket BBC heads for sale and they don,t mention, changes to compression,
    detail port work, mention the cam timing are much of any thing else,
    just that the engine made 880 hp with the heads used.
    while that seems rather impressive, its not exactly any indication that the same engine with,,,,
    or several other cylinder heads ,
    would not have increased or decreased the resulting power curves obtained with those heads on that engine.

    any time you see an engine build,
    pay attention to the details listed,
    and think seriously about what they ignore,
    fail to mention or skip over,
    because the details are very important,
    and if the goal is to promote some specific component sale, there is a strong tendency to stretch the truth,
    or omit facts that might otherwise point to the truth, that the component being promoted , may or may not be exceptional, or even really useful.

    ID suggest you select from heads from these sources
    Jegs; 800/345-4545;

    Summit Racing; 800/230-3030;

    Scoggin-Dickey Parts Center; 800/456-0211;

    TRICKFLOW ... 4294867081
    1-330-630-1555 • 1-888-841-6556


    Dart Machinery; 248/362-1188;

    toll free: 877-892-8844
    tel: 661-257-8124

    Patriot Performance
    Patriot Performance; 888/462-8276;

    Toll Free: 877-776-4323
    Local: 901-259-1134

    EDELBROCK ... main.shtml
    Edelbrock; 310/781-2222;

    BMP (world products)
    Tel: 631-737-0372
    Fax: 631-737-0467




    related threads with good info links
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    Looks like a 1000 Hp BBC built back in 2012 Grumpy.
    Littlefield Supercharger.

    Got a Butler Link in today.
    He does Pontiac V8.
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    Maniacmechanic1 solid fixture here in the forum

    Those RHS BBC Heads are Real
    NICE Grumpy.
    Sounded Real Clean the Dyno Pull.
    Huge Mega Thunder.
    Just like I Remember a 572 BBC Sounding on the Street.

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