Still Cannot ID Chevy Block

Discussion in 'Blocks' started by Ronno6, Apr 7, 2019.

  1. Ronno6

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    I have pulled the 305 out of my 84 C10, and have the casting #
    It is: 10048164
    So far, in my web search , I have found a grand total of 1 reference to that #,
    from a G-body owner who was seeking the same info on his block that I seek on mine.
    He received no replies.
    I'm hoping y'all have better resources..............

    Serial # from passenger side front pad in front of head K0190560
    This is a 1pc rear main engine, so it is not the original 84.
    Block was made in Canada
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  2. Maniacmechanic1

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    1-piece rear main seal crank was 1st used on 1986 Corvette.
    1986- 1999 Chevy Car or Truck.
    Lots of variences.

    See if you can find the casting date code.
  3. Grumpy

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  4. busterrm

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    Look at your block again, I think it’s 10046164, that 8 is probably a 6, which is a 1986 model 305 engine with 2 bolt main. If it’s 1 pc rear main, look at the front of the cam tunnel and lifter valley it may be able to accept a factory style roller cam. The casting number above is the only one I could find remotely close to the number you gave us! You would have to drill the front of the block for the OEM cam retainer plate and the pedestals in the lifter valley to use a roller.
  5. Ronno6

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    I debated on whether that digit is a 6 or 8.
    looks like "8" wins...........
  6. Maniacmechanic1

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    Mike here likes 305 Chevies.
    Make a 331 ci stroker.
  7. Ronno6

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    Already got a 355 ready to go in.Thanks!
  8. Maniacmechanic1

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    Any Chevy Engine is worth hanging onto if you have the room.

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