suspension upgrade?


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graphicjunki said:
I'm hoping to get moving on my car again soon... Plan was to include a full shark bite suspension. (Instigator kit)
But I came across a full front suspension "clip" from a 1995 vette. It's complete from caliper to caliper, shocks, power steering...soup to nuts.
Is this compatible with a C3 as far as being worth while?

This would solve a couple things I wanted to address...
Replace a arms (And aluminum!)
Replace power steering

I would still get the coil overs to match with the shark kit.



while Id admit I've yet to do that mod, Id say some very careful measuring ,fabrication and welding would most likely result in an improved and worth the time and effort improved suspension, or put a different way, hell yes Id suggest you do that given the parts if you had a place to work and the cash to cover the cost, and ideally a couple buddies that wanted to help, and a decent welder and plazma cutter, obviously you'll want to keep the axle center lines very similar so the wheels fit the fender openings and ride heights similar.
it won,t be cheap and the average vendor won,t want to help past selling you expensive parts that may or may not come with accurate detailed installation instructions, but if you measure accurately and fabricate while thinking things through rather than rushing to get it complete and test fit components in the process you'll succeed, and have something rather unique when your done.

and yeah there are other options for upgrading the c3 corvette frame/
suspension the corvette will handle better than the chevelle ever did, if the cars suspension tires and shocks are functioning correctly,
especially if the cars being driven like you just stole it and maximizing the inertial loads on the suspension.
the chevelle has not even in the same class. one reason I can,t even imagine why you were concerned with the inclusion of the big block engine vs the small block in the vette, since even with the big blocks extra engine weight its all but meaningless in the big picture, as the corvette will, with proper tires and shocks and sway bars run circles around a chevelle on a road course


they have a kit to convert a c3 frame to use a c4 front suspension conversion



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That's a lot of useful info. Will definitely check them because I'm planning to upgrade the suspension of my ride.