swapping engines...


Building a big block as we speak , Almost ready to swap out the 350 that's in the car now.
My question is : The 350 is a good running engine, What should I do to it prior to taking it out
and prior to putting it in storage..? I have a small stand it is going on and will be covered with
an engine bag . what about the insides. I would like to preserve it as it is a numbers matching to
the car. I've heard about fogging it, overfilling the oil tank so the crank is always sitting in oil..
Turning it over by hand once in a while shooting oil in the cylinders. What's the scoop.. Thanks...


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If you do build a second performance engine rather than modify your single existing original cars engine,theres some advantages, that us older geezers have come to appreciate at times.
as a general rule, its best to take your time and build a separate performance engine that you can swap into the car over a weekend, this has several advantages
(1) you will not be tying up the car, in an un-driveable condition waiting for weeks on parts to arrive or waiting on machine work to be done,
and you can always swap the original engine back into the car,
to have the car as dependable transportation while the performance engines being built or worked on.
(2) you can sell either engine separately from the car itself and still have a drive-able car.
(3)having your performance engine out on an engine stand certainly makes it far easier to work on.
(4) having a second engine available allows you to drive the car while you make repairs on the original engine
(5) if you screw something up, your not effectively stuck with a non-driveable car for long.
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