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Grumpy beat me to, Ace Hardware #12054 Stock number.
Zoom spout Oiler.
It's the Turbine small Electric motor oil to use.
Old timers called it Singer Sewing machine oil.
Used in Jet engines and Electric power plant generation.
Also some drag Racers use in Turbo 400 and power glides.
Highly refined Dino oil.


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Ive used it on other applications but not on an electric fuel pump
yes I paint all the non-machined surfaces to lock in micro crud in the castings. a good epoxy base high temp engine paint can provide a smoother surface that speeds oil flow rates back to the sump and locks in micro trash in the blocks cast iron micro pores that tends to help keep the bearings surfaces cleaner.
be very sure you clean and brush out the blocks internal oil passages with a rifle bore brush and use solvent and high pressure air to remove crud well before you start painting the block.










these links contain a great deal of related & useful info


Thanks for the wealth of information in your posts. Don't know if you've ever tryed it, but before I paint the inside or outside of a cast iron block I run a propane/MAP gas torch of the surfaces I'm going to paint. This especially applies to used blocks ( after tanking/cleaning ) but I've done new also. I do not dwell on a area so it gets anywhere near the burning temp of either gas but work a area in a circular pattern untill the iron turns color ( lighter ) on used blocks this is the water and oil that cleaning and drying the block doesn't remove, on a new block it's residiual machining fluids, water.
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