That Time Of Year..mosquito Zappers Needed


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theres always an uptick in the number of pesky mosquitos starting about this time of year here in florida, starting in aug through to mid nov, here in florida is generally the peak on moosquitos
they can be a huge P.I.T.A. so much so that most people work with the ceiling fans and over head lights on and the garage doors closed if you don,t have screens,
and most of us learned long ago to hang a bug zapper near every open door.
yeah, the larger better quality bug zapper are generally well worth the cost,
and mounting a decent size bug zapper near every open door,
and having ceiling fans and screens all helps, few of us can afford the screen garage door option ,
but certainly it pays to buy the larger more effective bug zappers,
and use insect repellant on clothing, the smaller bug zappers help marginally,
but the larger versions have a noticeably more effective kill count.

it certainly won't hurt too place a few citronellas candles in safer areas in your shop either
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