the corvette c8 tail lights vs new camaro?

Discussion in 'Body and Interior: Repairs and Modifications' started by Grumpy, Feb 6, 2018.

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    If you look around on the internet theres a great deal of speculation about what the new C8 corvette and what its body styling and options will be.
    there's a good deal of speculation but as far as I've seen there's no clear pictures posted of the new corvette so at this point its ALL guessing

    I recently saw a thread where the poster was concerned that the new c8 mid engine corvette tail lights would look similar too the new camaro..... thus in theory making the corvette look a bit like the much less expensive camaro....honestly I can think of a BILLION plus things higher on my agenda than worrying about if the camaro vs corvette tail light config looks similar

    I don,t give a crap, if the new corvette tail light design looks vaguely similar to some , Acura,Toyota, fiat , ford or Subaru,
    what really maters is does it look good and function correctly on the new corvette as part of the design and aesthetics,
    hell, most playboy fold out models look vaguely similar, that does not mean one looks bad because there's similarities

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