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    I got asked why I did not mention the FN FAL in my suggested defensive combat rifles along with the M14, AK 47 G3, and M16/AR 15
    well the truth is that I,ve just over looked posting that info because the rifles are not all that common,
    at least around my area,
    and while, I've shot a few and find them a great option,
    I can,t seem to find any locally that are in both, good like new condition and priced under $2K. (which is mostly the result of them being banned from importation in many configurations)
    that at least in my case pushes them a bit higher than I think would be reasonable to pay when,
    the easily available, and more common heavy stainless barrel M1a1 (M14 clone) that would be more easily maintained
    can be had locally for under $1500 with much easier to find magazines and replacement components

    yes Id love to find a new condition, heavy barrel version with a bi-pod, like the pictured rifle above, and if I could find a good source to buy one for under $2K Id start looking to find a realistic way to get the required cash saved to make that purchase, along with a dozen mags


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