The List Of Firearms Everyone Really Should Own


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I was asked to post a list of firearms everyone really should own,
obviously thats somewhat subjective to what they might be expected to be used for,
and your personal choice based on experience comes into play here
and limiting choices to those where ammo is available almost anyplace limits your reasonable choices
but I think most people would include at least one 12 ga shotgun
and a couple cases of double ought, and slugs for hunting and home defense ,
along with a case of #4-#6 birdshot for small game,
and a decent high quality semi auto shotgun,
like a H&K or BERETTA or an 870 or Ithaca pump shotgun,
that has a 7-8 cartridge capacity
and a 22lr rifle like the RUGER SEMI AUTO OR MARLIN 39A in any list,
I can't imagine not having a semi auto 223 like a colt, AR15
or OTHER HIGH QUALITY AR15 based carbine,
or AK 7.62/39 AK battle rifle, with a 16"-20" barrel
with a dozen or more 30 cartridge capacity mags,
and keeping a reasonable quantity of ammo
and of course you'll want a decent semi auto pistol,
or a 40 caliber or larger revolver for hunting & yeah limited concealed carry use,
(they require a shoulder holster)
the 41 mag and 44 mag and 480 ruger cartridge's in a hunting revolver's
with a 6"-8.5 inch barrel certainly come instantly to mind,
personally I like the glock 10mm and S&W 10mm 1006 for personal defensive carry use,
but you can't ignore the 9mm or 45acp ,
both of which with the correct ammo are very effective in my opinion.
that leaves a need for a long range rifle,
and Id suggest selecting something with both decent reach and punch,
and reasonable ammo availability,
Id suggest a 6.5mm-30 cal projectile, and at least a 120 grain-180 grain bullet going at least 2600 fps at the muzzle,
here Id favor the M1a1 M14 clone, or H&K or FAL in 308, caliber,
but a model 1917 militarily bolt action is a good choice,
but a decent bolt action in 6.5mm Swedish Mauser ,
or a 308 win or 270 win or 30-06 is certainly very acceptable.
if your into hunting larger game, and bullet casting ,reloading etc.
a 45 caliber rifle in caliber 45/70. 450 marlin or 458 win is certainly a great asset.
as heavy cast bullets you can cast at home,
need only reach about 1600fps-2100 fps to be very effective

what's your choices in a limited firearm inventory?
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The Grumpy Grease Monkey mechanical engineer.
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“A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State,
the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

Amendment II, The U.S. Constitution

everyone in my opinion , who desires too, and has no legal restriction to do so,
should own at least a handgun like a 357 mag revolver , or the EAA 45 acp linked below and a 12 ga shotgun,
as they are basic home defense tools,
and yes you need to stock up on ammo and practice regularly,
and know how to safely handle and use both,
but if your serious you may want to invest in a rifle,
having the basic three firearms provides you with the tools required,
to defend your home and if called on, your neighborhood and community


a 9mm uzi carbine is a great choice for a compact easy to use and maintain,
these are also available in 45 acp
home self defense weapon and concealed carry

a EAA witness in wonder finish/stainless in 9mm, 45acp, or 10mm makes an excellent side arm
at shorter ranges ( point blank to 40 yards)



the M1A1 in caliber 308 win makes a very effective longer range option (50-400 yards)
with minimal training and frequent practice, you can certainly be a lethal deterrent,
to some mob invading your property
at shorter ranges ( point blank to 60 yards)

It would be hard to find something more lethal and effective than a high quality semi auto shotgun like the HK or Benelli

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