The Truth and only the Truth: Oil PUMPS


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OMG I cannot get the truth from even the home office of some companies.

Now I need an honest answer to the latest stuff I was just told.

I was told I want a 25% higher volume and to run a stock pressure spring.

That this will make for higher low RPM pressure and to run the normal pressure spring to hold pressure at 55 PSI.

ALSO I was then told that my clearances of .004 are TOO loose and I should be running .002 or .003.

ALL my rods and mains are .004. Called my machine shop and they agree, seems they ordered the wrong bearings…I need a set that are +.001 or +.002

As for getting the truth:

I CALLED Mellings Tech support last week asking about their Shark Tooth oil pumps and we talked about how my plans for running my 383 at 1500RPMs most of the time and how I was reading that a SBC has problems pounding out the mains at under 2000RPMs, especially at WOT. (Which might happen at some point)

He suggested the 10552ST pump and the Melling Bolt oil pickup for a 7.5” pan.

He SAID “That pump will have a 10% Greater Volume AND 10% Greater pressure and that will totally fit the bill.”

Now we get to search engines I searched for the 10552 and THOUGHT I bought the right pump.

I didn’t: I ordered a 10553ST, a plan normal pressure and volume pump with a 5/8 hole for the oil pickup instead of the ¾ pickup that the Milling Oil pickup uses and is a bolt on part.

Plus the pump I received does not have any holes for the bolt on pickup.

WORST Is I thought I have been shipped a China copy in a used Milling box as the one I received did not have the same casting number or holes for the pickup as in Millings own pictures on their web site.

So I called Millings about checking on what was going on.

Things then got even worst.

The new guy said: “The 10552ST will make 70/80 PSI with the high pressure spring OR normal pressure with the low spring. And only 10% higher volume not the better 25%....And that really I only need a entry level pump with high volume and a normal pressure spring…”

And these do not have holes for the pickup…..

So what is the best and correct oil pump for my will spend a lot of time runing around 1500RPMs.



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a stock BBC pump and 20-30 psi at idle and 55 psi at or above 4000 rpm is just fine!
I would strongly suggest you use the standard ,not the high pressure relief spring


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So a BBC pump with the 12 teeth??

and a standard Spring. Got it.

And shoot for a .002 clearance.

I just bought a 2 to 3 inch C micrometer to check the crank.

Is this the right pump:

Melling M-77G Big Block Chevy Mark IV Oil Pump BBC 396 427 454 Truck ?

And SBC oil pump drive shaft??



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you might want to read these threads


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I tried to but it is like cramming for a collage overload.

I read enough to see a SBC Pump has 7 teeth and a BBC has 12, but I could not figure out about high volume and pressure.

And the shaft to run it. And the pickup needs to be welded it place and or a extra brace.

And or rather I need or will even benefit from a windage tray cover with my engine hardly ever running over 3K.

Can I get the simple answers:

Good pump make and model, part number.

So it makes great pressure at 1K, high volume or not.

I believe I will want standard pressure at higher RPMS like 55PSI.

Correct shaft if using a BBC Pump in a SBC, make and part number.

My oil pan is 7.5 inches deep, and has a baffle in ti.

I already have a oil cooler.

I am planing on adding a twin oil filter so it will have three filters.

As per your suggestions.

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