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    I talked with dozens of full time mechanics and corvette shop owners the consensus by a wide margin was a quality 2 post lift was best,
    for working on cars and a 4 post was better for storage, allowing a car to be parked under the raised car
    don,t shop price alone theres a lot of totally crap quality import lifts out there.
    yeah the better quality stuff costs more,
    how much is your life worth?
    you'll be under several tons of car a lot of the time and you damn sure want to know repair parts will be available in a few years
    read this thread carefully

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    That Concrete Needs to be the Highest Tensile Strength available.
    Same kind used in skyscrapers & Bridge support columns.
    NASA Space Launch Pads.
    2 Feet thick.
    2 Feet Long anchors.

    I escaped death recent with a 2 post lift at work as you know Grumpy.
    When Your a Mechanic Like Me & do it for a living you can DIE ANYTIME.

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