thinking of building a shop?

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    , as far as the shop, ITS FAR EASIER TO DO THING CORRECTLY the FIRST TIME, vs re-due them later,
    and your county building inspector will be a potential P.I.T.A. if you don,t think things thru,
    and follow local building codes,
    so think long and hard about the basic configuration ,
    and get a well thought thru plan before you start, and price out the parts and labor and time required,
    and what you want to have once your done, consider, shop security ,electric feeds, slab thickness,and minimum rafter height clearance,(especially if you ever intend to install a lift) drainage, heat and moisture venting air flow, county building codes, fire risk, plumbing or at least access to a water tap for a hose, roof pitch and roofing quality , ceiling fans and over head lighting ,outside lighting, motion sensor lights, door security, electrical outlet placement etc.
    read the links it should help,
    I learned a good deal building my shop

    two of the guys in this area have steel buildings that have been there for over 20 years, held up under hurricane wind loads and still look really nice, they cost less than 1/2 what a similar concrete block building cost to erect,and require far fewer contractors and permits, building inspections etc. and they get a significantly lower tax rate also.
    they come as custom kits , you need a large concrete slab, and from what both guys say less than a week to assemble if you have 2-4 guys willing to help assemble.. hey its a valid option in some cases

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