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    I got asked

    "what are the basic accessories or basic equipment Id need to go hunting,
    other than a rifle ammo and a licence."

    well obviously at least to me, theres a fairly long list of basic tools or clothing,
    and for your safety and ease of getting game out of the field,
    once you've dropped that deer or elk, or if you get injured or have car trouble , and to lessen individual travel expenses,
    its a very good idea to hunt with one or two hunting partners

    read through these linked threads,
    keep in mind you'll need to keep warm, and dry , and you'll need the ability to feed your self and start a fire, you'll need a back pack that handles significant weight in gear and meat,comfortable, shoes or boots that give good support and traction,a hat with a wide brim too shade your eyes, a warm parka or jacket, and at night you'll need a warm sleeping bag and a 4 season tent! and the cutlery and maybe a few pots, a canteen or several water bottles, and food and game meat transport materials too, be able to dress out any game you kill and keep it cool until you can get it home.
    I generally assume I may be out away from camp at least over night, if things go badly and youll want to be able to survive if the temp drops well below freezing or your caught in a hard rain storm at about 34 degrees

    heres a quick memory jog list, for hunt day pack
    (remember you might be forced to stay out over night, & weather is unpredictable)
    skinning knife
    compact blade sharpener
    area topo maps
    cell phone
    several lighters
    granola bars
    rain poncho
    2 gallon zip lock bags
    small block & tackle hoist & rope(50 ft parachute cord)
    spare ammo
    heavy hoodie jacket
    large plastic tarp
    lip chapstick
    water purification tablets, or filter/pump
    down vest
    pack of wetnaps
    toilet paper
    emergency food
    on your belt
    large knife or light tomahawk, or kukuri
    the cold steel (TRAIL MASTER, or ( KUKRI) are good choices

    anything that could get screwed up if you fall in a creek like medicine, licences, cell phones etc. gets double zip loc bagged
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  2. Maniacmechanic1

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    Prescribed to Cancer Patients Grumpy ? !
  3. Grumpy

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    Oxycontin .... trust me , if your 50-70 and back packing 50-90 lbs of meat out of some deep canyon,
    that may be over a mile and several hundred to over a thousand feet difference in elevation,
    having a few aleve, aspirin, and even a couple Oxycontin available is a huge help.
    I generally have my doctor provide a prescription for about 20 tablets,
    before every years hunt,or every other years hunt.
    most years I only use a couple or less,
    but if you feel like crap they take the edge off....

    yeah, elk hunting , deep canyon country, is partly a masochistic endeavor
    but Ive learned over decades that you can use your head and think through your options,
    and one of those is not finding yourself with rather serious discomfort that can be lowered significantly.
    its not like Ive got any tendency to become addicted, I've done that for 5 decades,
    and most years of the 20-30 tablets maybe 3-5 get used on a 12-14 day hunting trip.
    I don,t think thats the least bit unreasonable and I doubt any doctor that is prescribing you,
    only 20-30 tablets every 2 years would be concerned either...
    keep in mind if the pills are over two years old they get flushed as they loose potency,
    Ive brought 12-15 tablets back to the doctor to show him a couple times that they were past the expiration date,
    he knows I don,t abuse them, but like having a, parachute,a fire extinguisher or a spare tire,
    if you need it you really need it
    yeah I understand some people are prone to being addicted, I don,t think thats an issue ... ,
    I think its a personal issue some people have, like alcohol abuse,
    I'm not much of an alcoholic either...
    a quart of brandy or vodka can last several years in my house,
    and a six pack of beer goes at least a couple weeks..
    its not me, but the wife in most cases that may have one with dinner.
    btw my doctor instructed me to drink at least one beer a day,
    as I occasionally get kidney stones and he says a single beer a day may help flush kidneys some.
    I joked with him..
    saying a doctor prescribing , a patient, be told too drink a beer once a day must be rather odd......rare?
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  4. Maniacmechanic1

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    Yeah I was reading up on Oxycotin last night.
    Sakler family in NY are Billionares from it.

    When my Bud Bill was dying he was prescribed Oxycotin.
    Liquid oral form.
    I was given the Job of getting and Delivering it to him safe.
    I had every low life POS wanting his Meds.
    More than once I punched the Corvette to 140-150 to shake them.
    He got his Oxycotin of course Bill.

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