this new Winchester cartridge could transform AR15 variants into a decent deer rifle

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    With the introduction of the 350 Legend cartridge, Winchester Ammunition adds to its lineup of high-performance rifle cartridges. Perfect for use in states that require a straight-walled cartridge for deer hunting, the new 350 Legend is fastest straight-walled rifle cartridge in the world, delivering more power with each shot than .30-30 Win., 300 Blackout or .223 Rem.“The 350 Legend is a high-performing, straight-walled cartridge that dominates in velocity, energy, recoil and affordability,” said Matt Campbell, vice president of sales and marketing for Winchester Ammunition. “Winchester innovation began decades ago and it’s paramount that we continue to deliver meaningful, technology driven products that have a tremendous impact on the hunting and shooting sports industry.”Other key features of this innovative new cartridge are:

    • Approximately 20 percent less recoil than .243 Win.
    • 20 more more penetration than .243 Win.
    • Less recoil than 450 Bushmaster
    • Uses a modified, straight-walled .223 Rem. shell case and a .357-inch bullet
    The 350 Legend round is initially offered in six variations:

    • Deer Season XP - 150-grain Extreme Point
    • Super X - 180-grain Power-Point
    • Hog Special - 180-grain Power-Point
    • USA White Box - 145-grain FMJ Flat Nose
    • Power Max Bonded - 160-grain Bonded JHP
    • Super Suppressed - 265-grain Open Tip
    Winchester also announced a XPR bolt-action rifle, chambered in 350 Legend, packing all the features we’ve come to expect from Winchester’s XPR line, such as their exclusive MOA trigger system, a nickel Teflon coated 60-degree bolt, free-floating barrel, cross mounted recoil lug and advanced ergonomic stock design. The XPR rifle, combined with the new 350 Legend, is sure to be a winner both in the field and on the range. More information about the new innovative 350 Legend cartridge and the new XPR Rifle is available at


    Should work in AR platforms. And I believe Winchester is releasing their XPR rifle in it as well.

    With the Industry Day at the Range underway at SHOT Show 2019, Winchester is one of the 1st companies to pop off something new! They have introduced a NEW straight-wall cartridge to the shooting world dubbed the 350 Legend! This cartridge could be the next “sliced bread” for hunters because it will be legal in 47 of 50 states for hunting purposes. It also is going to boast some pretty impressive ballistics.
    At the moment, only Winchester has firearms chambered in the 350 Legend because they have kept this tucked so tightly under their hat. The 1st rifle being offered is a Winchester XPR bolt-action. The cartridge will be working within a grain weight of 145 – 265 grains. Within that spectrum you have your choice of a 145 Grain FMJ (Full-Metal Jacket), 150 Grain Deer Season XP, and 180 Grain PowerPoint for factory ammo.
    350 legend
    The explicit bullet diameter is .357″ with a 1.71″ case length. This cartridge is a true straight-wall round and is not necked up. Because of that it will be serviceable as a legal hunting round in 47 of 50 states. If you are wondering if this cartridge is going to be expensive to shoot like other straight-wall rounds it will not be. Simple FMJ boxes of 20 rounds are expected to sell for $9.99 making them very affordable.
    350 legend
    Some of the other enticing points to this caliber are the fact that it has less recoil than comparable cartridges. It affords the shooter more penetration. It also has more energy upon impact to humanely down game. In fact, the men and women of Winchester have successfully harvested over 30 whitetail deer. All of which were downed in 30 yards or less.
    350 legend
    So being presented with this NEW cartridge from Winchester, what do you guys and gals think? Is this something you would be willing to entertain on your next big-game hunt? Or do you have some more questions that need answering? Let us know what you think in the Comments below! We always appreciate your feedback.
    350 legend
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    Sounds interesting though right now I would not consider it for a hunting round I need to look into it for another AR build. I still like traditional rifles for hunting and as of now big brother hasn't infringed upon that right yet where I am
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    Just another odd caliber to have and not as many as popular calibers that are plentiful. JMTCW which ain't much these days.

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