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Hello Men....It's been awhile since I been back here. I hope everyone is still in good health.

The new site looks nice.

Well... Does anyone ever feel like they are stuck in the movie "Ground Hogs Day" ?
Seems every time around this time of year...I reflect back on the summer and see
that it seems to play out the same as every other year. It starts out with the snow
melting away and the warmth of the sun beaming down on your face, sparks all kinds
of fun ideas that you have planned for season! Then Summer gets into full swing
and that warmth from the sun turns into a full blown inferno trying to cook all
the brain cells you have into nothing. But you don't let that stop you because you
are bound and determined to have all that fun you had planned on when that same sun was
gently beaming down warm rays on you in the spring. So, you push on and you DO
have all that fun....with just a few less brain cells that got evaporated away from the heat.

Then come fall.... it starts to cool down and you start to recover a few KEY brain cells that
start to remind you of some of the things you decided to do over the intense summer heat cycle,
where I believe most of the "Here, Hold My Beer " moments occur.

Now come late fall...early winter.... the sun is not so warm anymore, and you seem to be able to
have a keen sense of intellectual awareness, and are able to make very smart decisions.
This period is also where the brain produces VIVID pictures of what happened over the summer
heat cycle.
This Fall/ Early Winter Cycle is where I believe all the " What the Hell Was I Thinking " moments happen.

I have noticed a pattern with these cycles. They seem to repeat every year!!

Below IN ORDER are some pics of how this year went for me.



New pistons for the 2021 rebuild! Yee Haa!! It,s going to be a great summer!!!

Engine log looks AWESOME !!!!!!



Having a Great time in the summer!

Holy Cow it's hot out! Ain't nothing gonna ruin this summer!!!!


HMMM .... this looks familar ?o_O
I don't recall installing the lifter that way! I also know for sure that I
installed straight push rods! How did these get in there?:crying::thinking:

You can now see how the SUN effects things ..... I see Grumpy is moving to Texas...

Me....I think Alaska might be a wise choice for me. I hear there is NO sun for about 4-5
months out of the year. :call::rofl::rofl:


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I had to smile! thats so true!
every time I think IM getting ahead some where , in life..
life kicks me in the nuts to remind me of reality ,

as my dad used to say..

anytime you think you see the light at the end of the tunnel...
its much more likely to be...
the head light of an un-scheduled oncoming train,:facepalm:

men plan,

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That engine is the stuff blown engine s produce when all you hear is the whine and yippee kie yays, ain't we having fun!!

Hope that is all that happened.


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men plan,
Hello Grumpy..
That should be on a porcelain sign in every man's garage. :)

Good to see you stop by and hang out with us common folks !
Glad to be back Rick! It's been a year I would like to have back, and have a redo.... as it has been for everyone I'm sure.

How's the Chevelle coming along ?

I have the main floor and trunk pan's in.
It has been put on the back burner along with the truck until I can feel comfortable that I still have a place of employment next year.

We design and build "STRETCH BENDING" machines for the auto industry.... this turmoil with cars going electric along with the other
political B.S. has really taken a toll on our company. We are doing what we can just to keep the doors open at the moment.

It's been a really stressful year. But I think we will bounce back once the auto company's get focused.

Hope that is all that happened.
Hi T...

I am not sure of all the damage yet. I knew the engine was hurt and needed to be pulled...But I was not expecting
to see that sight when I removed the blower. I just removed the engine and put it in the barn for now. It will be awhile
before I can buy new parts for it. No sense opening it up further until then. I just sprayed the cylinders with MMO and
reinstalled the plugs.


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Life is not like a box of chocolates.
But still good when you wake up in the morning.

Yes it has been a rough year, moving and all, but I now have a new grandson who's name is Wyatt.

Just waiting for G G K s


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Life is NOT like a box of chocolates.
It's more like a jar of jalopenos;
what you do TODAY can

We spent the weekend helping my son and his family move into their brand new construction home over the weekend.
You would think for the cost of a new home, the contractor would have put ceiling outlets in the bedrooms.
Instead they only put a switched outlet in the wall.

So I was asked if I would install a ceiling outlet in each bedroom while they did all the packing and moving from their old house and
into their new house. Shit.....I thought that was a GREAT offer....let her dad do all the heavy lifting while I spend time pulling wire!:giggle:

Two days of being in the attic straddling trusses and digging through 18" of insulation then fishing wire inside a wall
trying to hit a hole in the outlet box.....I started to think I again got the short end of the stick. :facepalm:

With the help of my wife...we got all the wire ran and installed the ceiling light/fans.

My knees are paying dearly today! But it was all worth it when my 3 year old grandson was bragging to his other grandpa
about how his grandpa Jim put a fan and light in his bedroom!!!

Life does reward people in ways we don't expect!!:hearteyes:


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What kinda height in the attic did you have to work with ?

But it was all worth it when my 3 year old grandson was bragging to his other grandpa
about how his grandpa Jim put a fan and light in his bedroom!!!
How big did you puff up when you heard that ??? LOL !


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had alot of height Rick. The hard part was kneeling down on the 1 1/2" wide joists. After the first room was done....I walked around the construction sites in the new sub-division and found a short 2 x 6 I could lay across the joists so I had something easier to kneel on
while I was trying to fish the wire down the wall.

How big did you puff up when you heard that ??? LOL !

LOL ... I think I popped a couple buttons off my shirt! YEEEEEAAAA!! :D

I now have a new grandson who's name is Wyatt.
CONGRADULATIONS T !!!! They sure do bring the smiles don't they! :):):)


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I carry a 2'x4' piece of 3/4 " plywood for rafters
and floor joists.

My knees hurt every day since high school-- even the one replaced.