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    I typically work on these things in the afternoon, like starting around 3 pm. Besides Dynomation, I
    also have PipeMax for designing headers. Now PM requires a lot of measurements, like port length (PL)
    at the centerline and port volume. To measure PL you will need to use some 1/8" pin-stripping tape
    and lay it along the short side and long side. Then pulling out and lay them down in a straight line to
    measure, then take the average. Also need a actual Dyno output for best accuracy, but our simulation
    will work. Might have something tomorrow maybe.

    Be sure to page down, there is lots of info.

    Just depends on how far you want to take the theoretical.
  2. Unforgiven

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    WOW.. that is alot of info. I am no where near ready for header design.. Just getting ready to rebuild the race motor, I like Grumpy's Idea
    of keeping the compression the same and only having to change the cam and blower pulleys to make it a street friendly engine. I like this idea because by the time her car is ready for an engine, I will be getting out of the truck scene. This will allow me to repurpose this engine and save some money. It will
    be more than enough to put a smile on her face.
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    Yeah, I was just throwing it out there so somewhere down the road you will know in case
    you wanted to get that deep. ;)
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    Couldn't resist messing with another simulation, so here are the results. I didn't change the SCR
    since it was already 11.13. I picked 5 psi for the boost pressure, but it approximately 25 Tq/HP
    for each 1 psi, I tried both 4 & 6 psi and the difference was about 50.

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    Both cams look like they don't wake up until 3000 RPM's. But DAMN... that is an awesome torque curve!

    I would have thought the blower would have flattened the curve more so below 3000 RPM.

    I was expecting to see a flatter curve with the smaller duration cam under 3000 RPM'S .. but it looks like it follows the same curve
    as its bigger brother. Now I am going to have to think about what is making them follow the same peaks on the curve.

    I wonder how the engine would perform with a (built) automatic (TH 200-R4) ( :)) trans behind it for every day driving.

    Thank you Rick. That was cool to see!
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    So... I got a qoute for media blasting the car....:eek::eek::eek::eek:
    Local guy wanted $1500

    A day later Alesia came home with this....Then said ....you got all summer!:eek:o_O:(

    paint stripper.jpg

    At least she could have gotten an 8" disk..
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    Are you reading the graph correctly, The curve begins at 2600 rpm.

    I think it would depend more on the rear gear ratio, then the trans.

    You are welcome !
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    At least she didn't give you a bag of walnut shells. :rolleyes:
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