Upgrade Special for DynoSim 5 to Dynomation 6

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    DynoSim 6 and Dynomation 6 engine simulation software is out now.

    I have the DynoSim 5, but Motion Software did not have an upgrade path for DynoSim 5 to
    Dynomation 6. They had the usual 5 to 6 within the same software, but I wanted to step up to
    the better software Dynomation 6.

    I sent a email to Motion Software and asked about upgrading to Dynomation 6. I got an email
    back from Larry Atherton saying that I could get a $100 off the regular price of $499.95. You
    might know his name, he has authored several books. I asked about this being available for
    others and he agreed to the same price for others thru the end of this year.

    So if you have DynoSim 5 and want to upgrade to Dynomation 6, you can get it for $399.95 if
    you act before the end of this year. To get the special price you will need to contact Larry Atherton
    at the email address below.

    I asked Mr Atherton about using an asymmetrical cam lobe and he responded ......

    You can model asymmetric lobe profiles. That is, if you import a lobe-profile file that models an
    asymmetric lobe, that model will be used by Dynomation6. However, if you use 10-point cam timing
    place to model asymmetric 10-point cam file, also. That will be “activated” in a future (free) upgrade.



    This video is Dynomation 5, but you will get some sense of it's capabilities.

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    interesting software, thanks Rick

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