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If you guys have looked around for Made in the USA Radiators stock or Drag Racing needs you will note that the market is flooded with made in China Radiators.
The Pontiac Trans Am guys have had issues when it gets hot with China stuff.

Its just about Unanimous that Old Brass & Copper Radiators are superior in 2nd Gen Trans Ams 1970-1981 in real world driving in 100F-120 F summer heat.


solid fixture here in the forum
Found some Premium Made in the USA aluminum options.
Cost is $1,000- $2,000 bucks , cooling modules.

To avoid China & Crappy results its going to cost Money.
US Radiator is not inexpensive to buy.

Top Brass & Copper radiators are $800.


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I think US radiator has improved the old copper designs and made them even more efficient. A great, but expensive and heavy option. I'm still not sold on their multi-pass designs, though.

My 79 Corvette has SO MUCH weight ahead of the front wheels from the factory (a RIDICULIOUS amount), that I'm quite happy for some weight reduction from an aluminum radiator there, though.