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    this is a case where a dozen clear detailed pictures from several angles of the component parts would be almost mandatory

    does it have a sticker?? (almost all the better quality lifts will, and most of the import junk won,t

    I looked over dozens of older auto lifts designs and web sites and my advice would be to NOT buy or use that lift for the simple fact finding any replacement parts will be a challenge, and looking at the design it looks far from sturdy.
    I think you can very reasonably assume the company that sold that is no longer in business or supporting it with repair parts.
    theres more than a few suppliers of decent auto lifts
    some are obviously much better made stronger and in many cases more expensive than others, but the last thing you want too do is save a few hundred dollars and get crushed under a car when it falls! or spend money on a lift that you find theres no replacement parts for,or a lift that may fail in service!
    I used 4 12 ton rated jack stands and a couple floor jacks for decades before I purchased a lift and still do use them on occasion as lying on your back under the car,and use of a mechanics creeper makes it much easier to work on a car in some cases

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