Verify Your Supercharger Plenum Boost Pressure With A Gauge

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    maybe this is rather simplistic,but I can,t imagine running a super charger without a vacuum/boost plenum gauge along with,
    a oil pressure gauge,
    fuel pressure gauge,
    and ignition advance gauge
    and of course an OXYGEN sensor or two in the exhaust
    and ideally an exhaust backpressure gauge
    It just makes sense to monitor the engine functions,
    why not record a pressure /vacuum gauge reading on a plenum connection
    to get some facts vs assumptions ,
    get actual facts on boost in the plenum,from a
    hose connection to the intake plenum,
    as it relates to the tack rpms, thus you get actual boost vs what might be the miscalculated expected pressure.


    fuel level
    fuel pressure
    tach/engine rpm
    oil pressure
    engine plenum vacuum
    oil temperature
    coolant temperature (plus fan on indicator light)
    trans fluid temperature (plus aux cooler fan on indicator light)
    battery voltage ... dia/images

    fuel/air ratio meter
    EXHAUST GAS TEMPS, one for each exhaust collector bank
    really these are optional but nice to have

    [​IMG] ... nheit.html
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