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    well the way IVE always done that, is you first verify
    THE TIMING TABS AND DAMPER ARE AT TRUE TDC ON NUMBER one cylinders compression stroke
    drop in the vertex ignition, loosely clamp it ,
    (after verifying that theres about .050 vertical slack so it wont bind the oil pump drive rod)
    and use your timing light and tachometer to set the timing at about 32 degrees at 3000 rpm.
    and lock it down
    , then check where its timed at idle , and remember the one electrical connection is a switched link to frame ground that should be open if the engines going to run.
    obviously if its not running correctly at that point youll advance or retard timing as required by the individual application, a couple degrees at a time until the best ignition timing compromise is found


    verify your firing order

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    Noob question. I have a mag that I want to have gone through. It is in a running engine currently. Can I mark exactly where it is
    pull it out, and after service, put it in exactly where it was with the timing not changing?
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