very realistic elk/deer hunting video

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    this video, shows a rather typical hunt ,
    (when you get 4 guys together willing to work at making a hunt a fun vacation)
    now Ive been on over two dozen, similar road trip hunts out of state, and most times we had a couple tents and two 4x4 trucks, only a few trips did we have a towed camping trailer, but the
    basic content. hunter interaction, and not having constant success that you see on other videos is valid and very familiar
    that video, looks so familiar .in so many ways to previous hunts Ive made,
    . and they did an excellent job on the video.
    Ive generally never hunted areas with that much rolling topography ,
    Ive stayed with the deep and in most cases timbered canyon country
    , but otherwise is all too familiar. the comradeship,
    and wiliness too work together shows in the video,
    something not always easy to achieve with 4 guys in a rather confined group.
    (sharing work loads and expenses)
    youll occasionally find guys with either a

    (got mine I'm ready to pack it in and drive home)
    (I did not shoot that, you can back pack it out of that canyon)
    (I'm not getting up, I spent days looking and have yet to see a legal elk....two - three days into a 10 day hunt)

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  2. Grumpy

    Grumpy The Grumpy Grease Monkey mechanical engineer. Staff Member

    another very impressive elk hunt video,
    the guy can use his archery equipment well, and everything looks all so familiar,
    well other than the fact that bull is larger than any,
    I personally ever saw on public land accessible in the areas I've hunted.

    there are experiences in life you vividly remember, like dropping your first bull elk, or the first time you drove a car deep into the 10 second range in the quart mile, and hit 138 mph in the 1/4 mile.

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