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    3932386....302.....69....4...Z-28 Camaro
    3932386....350.....69....2 or 4
    1969 Chevrolet 327cid, 3-Speed Auto. Trans TH350. 235hp FC (engine code)

    theres more info in the links and sub-links, posted below , but the basic infos listed above


    viewtopic.php?f=51&t=93&p=9023&hilit=casting+numbers#p9023 ... ecoder.php

    reading material.....keep in mind theres a huge amount of info in the links and sub-links ... ation.html

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    yes they made thousands of 366 cubic inch big block chevy based truck engines
    many were originally used with a turbo charger as lower rpm torque engines similar to diesel engines in dump trucks,with a turbo they can produce impressive torque,
    but most were used with a 2, or 4 barrel carb and a manual transmission and a two speed rear differential, and rarely saw over 4000 rpm

    the 366 BBC is very well configured to be turbo charged as the rigid, thick bore walls provide good ring seal, a larger than standard distance between cylinders for great head gasket sealing, and thus lower risk of head gasket sealing loss issues, larger coolant capacity and if you rebuild it correctly with the proper aluminum large oval port heads, they can produce really impressive torque ,

    if your engines a 366 (I DOUBT THAT AT THIS POINT) (but measuring the bore diameter will tell you for sure):D
    Id be looking into finding a deal on a cheap turbo and matching exhaust manifolds as the 366 is about ideal and almost indestructible if properly assembled with the correct matched components, like a good set of aluminum oval port heads, and a cam designed for use with a turbo.
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    it won,t be cheap but it will be impressive and rather unique, theres no reason to go with rectangle port heads unless you get a screaming deal on the price as a good set of larger oval port heads will easily feed a turbo BBC 366 at any rpm youll ever see.
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