welding up a hydraulic press

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    you can save some money and get some welding experience if your new to welding by fabricating your own shop press, its not all that high tech, but Id point out that HARBOR FREIGHT sell a functional 12 or 20 ton press at a fairly reasonable cost, and if you calculate all the materials and fabrication time plus the cost of a decent quality hydraulic jack I doubt youll be saving a great deal of cash building one over the cost of buying one, but what you can do is, put some thought into the design and improve on the presses design, its strength and its rigidity, making it easier to use

    http://www.harborfreight.com/20-ton-hyd ... 66482.html

    a hydraulic jack is of course the functioning component, the frame can be fabricated from angle iron and heavy gauge (I) beams and heave gauge square tubing and plates, but by the time you get the components cut and welded and pay for the steel Id be surprised if you save more than $50 building it yourself.

    A hydraulic press can easily pay for itself in labor costs in a single month of changing u-joints, many shops charge $10-$20 to remove and replace a u-joint plus the cost of the u-joint even if you hand them the parts, drive shaft or on corvettes the two half shafts, on a corvette that need to have a local machine shop press out and install NEW REPLACEMENT u-joints could easily cost you $100 OR MORE FOR THE 6 U-JOINTS BEING REPLACED IN A SINGLE CORVETTE.



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