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  1. yedister

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    Got a call from the guy working on the Vette. He has it on the dyno, he said that after a few pulls on the dyno that the valves are getting noisy. Sounds like that they loosen up. Is that normal? I have a Jesel Shaft Rocker setup. The shaft assembly was removed back in January to change to the bushed lifters, new length pushrods were needed, went from a 6.8 to 8.6 inch, rocker arm alignment was checked. The changed was performed by a mechanic that is a serious racer. It has no run time on the motor after he adjusted the lash and drove out of the shop.

    Thanks for your assistance
  2. Grumpy

    Grumpy The Grumpy Grease Monkey Staff Member

    unfortunately that's a question similar too,
    "what color is your girl friends hair brush"
    some breaking in wear and the valve train components lapping in is bound to happen,
    I'd love to have the correct answer , but the truth is...
    only CAREFULLY inspecting, and checking the valve train clearances and spring load rates and cam wear,
    will allow you to precisely determine the answer/cause
    now that being stated Id suspect that perhaps one or more of your fasteners on the rockers are either coming loose ,or the rocker adjustments are a bit loose,
    or your having valve spring related problems, or there's excessive wear issues happening, somewhere, in the valve train.


    as almost always is the case,
    never GUESS, verify and deal in proven fact!
    Id say its time to pull the valve covers, and start looking around, and checking
    geometry and clearances.

    btw JESSEL has a good reputation of standing behind their products
    (732) 901.1800 why not call the manufacturer tech guys and talk to them.

  3. Mark Bradley

    Mark Bradley Da guy in Newbury

    I agree that $peculation ain’t cheep.
    Take the covers off and get a real close look at what’s go’n on.
  4. yedister

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    # 7 intake and # 8 Exhaust needed adjustment. No other problems found with valve train
  5. Grumpy

    Grumpy The Grumpy Grease Monkey Staff Member

    That's good too hear!
    like with most issues, careful detailed inspection, is the smart route too isolating,
    most potential problems, and if required making needed corrections.
    ignoring any indication something may not sound or function correctly,
    until it cascades in to a major parts failure is frequently expensive,
    its almost always faster and cheaper and better to nip, any indication of a problem early.

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