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Discussion in 'shop/garage Electrical related' started by DorianL, May 8, 2018.

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    Innovative thinking.
    Someone is going to die from each idea and product made Dorien.
    Do not let it be You.
  3. Maniacmechanic1

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    After Rick's Mishap Sunday & his T almost dropped down off of both Jack Stand I am thinking about replacing my 20-30 year old Jacksands.
    2 I still have buying when I was 17, year was 1987.

    Price out SNAP ON.
  4. Indycars

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    I don't see what's any better about those ideas, in fact some look like more work than the usual jack and safety stands.
  5. T-Test

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    ecessity is the mother of all inventions but some just aren't safe and all will not work on all vehicles. Good ideas for what those are used for.

    Exactly!! Just because you can doesn't mean you should----just for safety sake.
  6. Loves302Chevy

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    Clever ideas. But I don't know if I would lay under that car.
  7. Grumpy

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    I purchased

    6 12 ton rated jack stands from HF about 35 years or more ago, and
    http://www.harborfreight.com/12-ton-jac ... 34924.html
    These super heavy duty jack stands will hold most cars and trucks safely at near 2 feet off the ground. Perfect for repair work or storage.
    Height: 19-1/2'' to 30-1/8''
    Base: 12'' x 12-1/2''

    Shipping Weight: 69.50 lbs.
    Im still using those, they don,t look much different that the current 12 ton rated jack stands.
    yes the handle on the pawl can come loose or the pin can shear, but it easily replaced , and yes you need to verify the ratchet pawl to stand support teeth ,engagement, its also a good idea to have those 2x4 supports under the wheels, or use of ramps
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