what new to you, tools are you planning on acquiring this year?


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I spend a decent amount of time helping as many local guys as I can afford to,
usually its time and access thats the bigger restrictive issue.
and it generally pays off eventually, in people returning the favor in various ways.
and Im a big proponent of helping others as you expand your knowledge base,
skill set and experience in the process.(and frequently tool inventory)
one factor that I find all too common is getting over to some guys garage to start a project,
and finding he not only does not have all the tools required,
he may not even know what's required to do the job.
now Im realistic enough to understand most guys don't have larger tools like a hydraulic press, drill press, etc.
but anyone should have a hand held drill and maybe a vise, on a work bench,
and a few drop lights and some safe to use, jack stands and a decent floor jack.
and a set of vise grips, maybe a propane torch and several sets of sockets, a torque wrench?
so if you don,t , you might want to suggest to the wife/ girl friend etc. something you can both use and easily afford.
in the long run its only going to save you time, effort and cash to own a few decent tools.
and don,t over look the fact we all need to expand our knowledge and skills,
take the time and effort to learn new skills and make new friends.

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most of my tools are bought because I've seen someone use it on a job and realize that I can't live without one or I might be walking around in Home Depot and see something I like or reading an article on Grumpys forum and see something or see a sale on something I want but very few are planned


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I have included into my christmas wish list a new timing light...

I was fortunate enough to have met a tuner at the last mud bog, who helped me with my fuel map.
He asked me if the timing was set and matched to the ECU on the EFI unit.

I verified to him that TDC was set with a dial indicator...then the timinig tab was set to "0" on the balancer.

upon firing the engine for the first time..I explained to him that I verified the programmed static timing
of 15* was set with my timing light.

He wanted to verify with his timing light just to be sure.... I had no issues with that.
Upon his readings....His light was reading 4* more advanced than my light!!!
( I was reading 15* while he was reading 19*)

I have a no brand name light .... I think it's time I upgraded to a better quality light
considering the investment I am using it on.