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    For the money and time spent to acquire this particular skill set, I would rather pay someone like you that already has those things and would do it a lot quicker than myself.. I have the tools and knowledge and passed it on to my oldest son who is a lot younger than I am.

    I no longer work on cars for a living and am glad I don't--too many headaches!!

    But a professional machine shop can build you an engine cheaper than you can do it at home -- as for all the machine work that has to be farmed out and not having the equipment on hand. And to get a better deal, you can buy any number of crate engines cheaper than a machine shop can build it. JMHO You just can't say you did it at home. Who cares as long as it works dependably?
  2. Grumpy

    Grumpy The Grumpy Grease Monkey mechanical engineer. Staff Member

    also a valid point, but after dealing with numerous machine shops, and other engine build shops over the decades,
    I was virtually FORCED into acquiring the tools and learning the skills,

    because almost everyplace I ever dealt with
    would produce crap quality level machine work,
    and they have a "good enough"
    won,t or can,t check it" attitude!

    I got so darn tired of finding the reason for parts failures that could be easily traced to cheap parts being substituted ,
    for the more expensive parts you paid for or slip-shod crappy machine work, or plain old STUPIDITY and IGNORANCE OR OUTRIGHT FRAUD,
    you can,t imagine the scams , crappy attention to detail and stuff I've seen being delivered and billed for.
    the hobby and your ability to have a decent engine assembled
    ,basically comes down to the fact you either need to verify everything being done or,
    you need to have very deep pockets,
    and find those RARE and expensive shops with skilled machinist's with extensive experience you can trust
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  3. T-Test

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    Yes I can and that is ONE of the reasons I quit racing. Remember Don Garlitts? His views were about the same as mine. All about the money!
  4. Grumpy

    Grumpy The Grumpy Grease Monkey mechanical engineer. Staff Member

    highly mobile tool delivery system
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  5. Indycars

    Indycars Administrator Staff Member

    BUT, can be temperamental sometimes. :)
  6. Grumpy

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    yeah getting a 9/16 box end, or 1/2" open end quickly,
    while under the car on the creeper,
    depends mostly on your readily available pocket full of bacon bits,
    and you almost always are at serious risk of being licked on the face ,

    or having a cold nose in your shirt pocket, and the delivery system,
    has the annoying habit of being totally distracted by field mice in the yard,
    even if they are 40 yards away,
    and the dashound, feels its mandatory to catch and retrieve them for your personal inspection,
    after being semi chewed & slobbered on, to verify they are ok.
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  7. Grumpy

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    IF you have your wife or kids or a good friend ask what you want for Christmas,
    and you can,t really think of anything instantly,

    I had that issue covered for decades
    I asked my wife and kids
    for a detailed list of what they want
    and too keep things simple,
    and limit the awful ties and shirts etc.
    I simply listed a good long well detailed selection,
    of automotive related tools,
    and part numbers and where to get them,
    that I wish I had...you might be amazed that a great many tools just don,t cost that much,
    a multi pack of plasti-gauge,
    feeler gauges,
    high temperature magnets
    or a dial indicator
    ,push rod checkers
    , even some wrenches,
    ratchets ,
    socket sets,
    can all be found for under $20-$30
    and yes if they care to spend a bit more theres certainly things you can use
    and things youll need and really appreciate,
    and over the years I found a good many under the Christmas tree!

    LINKS WITH SUGGESTIONS, or memory joggers














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  8. Grumpy

    Grumpy The Grumpy Grease Monkey mechanical engineer. Staff Member

    I hope all of you gentlemen found something nice under the Xmass tree yesterday?
    I found a replacement tool that I needed in the shop, the older version Id had for decades stopped reading accurately a few months ago after it got dropped...
    and NO! I DID NOT DROP IT! ...
    one of my grand kids was playing with it during the 15 seconds the wife walked into the shop with him in tow!
    the grand kids could break a 100 lb forged steel, anvil with a rubber mallet!

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  9. Strictly Attitude

    Strictly Attitude solid fixture here in the forum

    Nice Grumpy I got a Kevko Road race pan with a driver side dip stick provision has to be specially ordered for the dipstick provision they come with no dipstick provision. I also got a new carpet for the chevelle not OE but a more luxery pile matches my drawing!!
  10. chromebumpers

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    I would like the Kreg pocket drill jig system, the book wouldn't hurt too.

  11. DorianL

    DorianL solid fixture here in the forum Staff Member

    Thats just awesome!!!!
  12. Grumpy

    Grumpy The Grumpy Grease Monkey mechanical engineer. Staff Member

  13. chromebumpers

    chromebumpers solid fixture here in the forum Staff Member

    This is pretty interesting to me. I have a lot more need for Tig welding with all my aluminum fence that gets damaged with every storm, small metal brackets that break on the cars and trucks and the yard/property equipment that likes to crack at the factory welds, MiG is always too much.

    I have a brand new Eastwood MiG welder new in the box. I’ll lose my shirt selling it for an attractive price but it just takes up room now.
    I also have the Plasma cutter too. Used it once, I think I’ll just use my grinderwheel to cut, it’s faster and easier!

    What do these combos go for?
  14. chromebumpers

    chromebumpers solid fixture here in the forum Staff Member

    Come to think about it, I have a lot of tools, specialty stuff to sell still. Maybe I should try to get it up on notice for Xmas? I always give stuff away anyway.
  15. Grumpy

    Grumpy The Grumpy Grease Monkey mechanical engineer. Staff Member

    let us know what ever you decide and if you choose to sell or give something away .,
    please post detailed pictures and descriptions, as I,m certain some member may want too purchase the items
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  16. Indycars

    Indycars Administrator Staff Member

    Just about any price you want to pay, but it does seem as thou they have come down since I was looking at
    them 2 years ago. I already have a welder taking up space now, so a different welder just a little bigger
    would not have a significant effect on my floor space.

    It seems I was looking at this one, except is was about $1800 then.

  17. Mark Bradley

    Mark Bradley Da guy in Newbury

    I believe his helicopter would be classified as target practice and if the police are involved... claim you thought it was a giant bug attacking your family.
  18. Mark Bradley

    Mark Bradley Da guy in Newbury

    Dear Santa, I have been a good boy, scratch that... a reasonably good boy this year and would really like a < insert item here> so that I can show my buddies how cool you are.
    Otherwise... I really did not believe in you anyway.
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