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    heres five videos I found among several,
    the fact is that, most guys I see at the range,
    have developed nearly ZERO skill for rapidly working a bolt action rifle's action,
    consistently without removing the rifle from your shoulder.

    The required skills gained in proper use of a bolt action rifle, through constant practice,
    in increased manual dexterity don,t seem to be valued much any longer.
    none of these guys are particularly skilled at rapid and consistently operating a bolt action rifle,

    if the videos are used to show the skill level,
    but its certainly a start point and beats the novice who drops the rifle stock off the shoulder
    ,to work the bolt action mechanism.
    as many a guy unfamiliar with proper rifle use does.

    during the first world war, British soldiers
    , were expected to be able to cycle a bolt action rifle,
    And accurately shoot, fast and accurately enough,
    to hit a man sized target at 200 yards 20 times a minute MINIMUM,
    some soldiers could easily exceed 25 hits a minute,
    that would include two full magazine reloads from stripper clips

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