Wrong rings can I should I lap em?

Discussion in 'Rotating Assemblies' started by NitroInjected, Nov 8, 2018.

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    I think my calipers are going to caliper hell. I Was on the phone with the company when I measured the dimensions three times on the old ring but the new ring does not fit in the groove. They are for the same piston but a different application. These rings look to be coated. So I was wondering IF some granite wet paper and light oil oculd come to my rescue or do I need to post for another ring. I may have to buy a set as the man that sold them to me broke up a set for me... Nice of him to do and I do not want to ask him to do that again. I know about lapping them to the bore but I do not know if people lap them thickness wise.
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    I wouldn’t - no way!
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  4. Maniacmechanic1

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    No. Wrong rings.
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    Thanks boys I ordered new rings before I looked at this. Just to be safe. But, I am quite sure these are just a thickness difference. Got my crank sitting in the block on the new bearing BTW! Not what I envisioned but the block is cleaned the crank is treated and balanced with polished journals so I mean... Its still a win. New ring is coming faster should be here next thursday. Used 30wt diesel oil for assembly lube... funny thing is I must be using the same thing that was sold through lotus as its the same color and consistency. Red dye in it.
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    The cylinder walls you want 10w30 or 5w30 on them.
    I pour onto a clean shop towel.
    Squeeze out the excess. Wipe down the cylinder walls & piston skirts and rings.
    Some guys like dunking in a coffee can full of oil. Too messy for my liking.

    I have used Castrol Synthetic of EDGE( 5w30) oil as assembly lube on the cylinder walls, nothing else at the Race shop last year, Ran out of Royal Purple & Brad Penn assembly lube.
    One puff of smoke on startup out the exhaust & took off running the LS 6.0, Ford 331 - 302 stroker, & Mitsubishi EVO race engines.
    Piston Rings sealed immediate.
    Never told the boss what I used.
    Kept as my secret.
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    10w30 dino Mineral grade on my Past Poncho engines.
    Mains & Rods I used Clevite Bearing guard.
  8. Maniacmechanic1

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    The 1992-1996 C4 Gen Corvettes were all 1st started on Full Synthetic Mobil 1 oil.
    Carried exact same into the LS Corvette era.

    Do what makes you comfortable.
  9. Maniacmechanic1

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    The piston wrist pins do not forget to prelube.
    The engine will lock up blow chuck a connecting rod out the side in 5 seconds if you do not.

    Brad Penn is good.

    I use Castrol GTX Oil most of the time.

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