you might want to get a car trailer to transport projects

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    one of the facts of life is that high performance cars tend to break down and its rarely sitting in your driveway when it does and youll rarely have the correct tools and parts with you so getting it back to your garage usually includes towing charges UNLESS you own a car trailer, now obviously you can buy one but if your skilled and own a welder you can usually build a nice one for less than 60% of the normal cost.

    this is where a decent MIG welder comes in handy


    a decent power metal saw will be a big plus as will a large flat area of concrete, I frequently forget , and assume most guys have access too or know what tools are involved, in most projects and have a few friends willing to get involved in car related projects

    BTW the question of which auto darkening welding helmet comes up frequently so,

    Ive got 4 auto darkening hoods now,
    but I use the cheap a$$ harbor freight hood more and more for two reasons,
    first it works flawlessly, and second if I screw it up with welding splater Im out something less than $50 so its no big deal to weld overhead or get a bit careless with it, and I can save my $340 hood to impress guys while it hangs on the welder cart, as its not significantly better in any function but snob appeal, and while it looks great,its not much better in function, in my opinion
    in fact Ill buy a second spare for the shop,next time I drive bye HF

    might as well get a couple of these also while your there ... mber=94128 ... mber=98704

    I and several of my friends have purchased a few car trailers that needed some repairs at a very good price, I got mine at a yard sale from a guy that lost his job here,and was moving back up to GA.

    It looked like crap but on close inspection it could be repaired reasonably, most of the problems were cosmedic, like bent fenders, broken lights, needing paint, etc.

    It was not for sale, at the time but I left my ph# and he called. he at first asked for twice what I evenually paid for it, and even with the repairs it was a decent deal.

    so its not impossiable to go that route

    "As far as loading a non-running vehicle onto a trailer, that's what winches are for!"

    or if you want to get fancy


    why DON,T YOU buy a decent MIG 180-250 amp welder and locate your local metal supply (all the welder suppliers like your lincoln and miller dealers,will know where you can buy metal) and do it yourself?
    if you were local Id consider having you come over and we could tackle the job, but unless you have constant (HANDS ON INPUT) your unlikely to get exactly what you want!

    as my old welding instructor was fond of pointing out...
    " a MONKEY could probably be trained to use a QUALITY MIG WELDER effectively.... so theres some hope for even you guys

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