your thoughts on the better options in a new truck? (brand, year, model ETC?)


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with the eventual move I'm forced to make to TEXAS , Ill want to purchase a reasonably new, or new truck,
it as far as I'm concerned must have a couple mandatory features

among them, I feel are mandatory

true 4x4 drive, where all 4 wheels apply power to the road in 4x4 mode
decent size wheel wells that allow larger tires sizes
ID prefer to NOT have to raise the frame/suspension from factory stock

a 4 door crew cab (step up foot bar a plus) allowing old geezer access,
at least 8"-10" ground clearance
8 foot bed
a built in rear view, dash mounted tv/screen camera
large side mirrors
a v8 engine/ gas or diesel
over drive transmission
air conditioning/ wifi compatible is nice
towing package/ trans fluid & oil coolers
GPS location software and blue tooth phone, on the dash screen

keep in mind I have not looked at any newer trucks in 10-12 years,
and yeah I'm still in sticker shock looking at adds even before I look at trucks..:facepalm:
I don't want some mini truck, but I don't want a MONSTER TRUCK, either
thinking GMC,CHEVY ,FORD
but I might be persuaded to look at DODGE, NISSAN, TOYOTAS,
or other options you guys might suggest?

your thoughts on the better options in a new truck? (brand, year, model ETC?)
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Chevy truck my choice.

$65,000 up for what you are looking for.

But whatever it will be will soon be hard to get repaired when the transition to all electric comes to fruition. JMTCW


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all electric may be being forced down out throats by ignorant liberal idiots,
Ive driven out to Colorado, Wyoming, even Montana on hunting trips from Florida,
we were always swapping drivers every 3 hours driving around the clock for decades,
but current tech does not allow it to function, even marginally well, compared to a diesel/gas truck
there's nothing electric available that would allow you to drive 1500-1800 plus miles,
only stopping for fuel, for 15 minutes every 6-7 hours like a internal combustion engine can,
park it for a week, and drive 1500-1800 plus miles back currently,
especially if towing a camper, or a car trailer.


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I know you said a V8 but the 3.5 Ecoboost is a hell of an engine almost 400 HP and 400 Ft Lb tq


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I have a 2018 Ram 3/4 4x4 6.4 gas and really like it. A friend has a 2018 Chevy 3/4 4x with 6.6 diesel. Im very sure he can pull more but highway mileage is the same with both trucks running 70-75 empty. 18-19 mpg. He always comments on how much better my truck rides empty.


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I moved to Farmersville Texas and purchased a 2022 GMC DENALIA 4x4 truck,
that looks very similar to this picture
price was totally unreasonably, insane, absurdly high,
but I shopped for a week and got the best price/options I could find
selection was very limited within 150 mile of my new home,
btw in most of fla streets are laid out in a grid pattern,
in this part of texas a drunk cow was used to route roads as they wander aimlessly ,
theres not a strait section of road more than a 1/2 mile long anywhere
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Got your cowboy hat and boots yet ?:)

Are you full time in Texas now? You are only 3-1/2 hours from me now.


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I have to get both knees joints replaced in the very near future, as Im in constant pain, and I just moved to texas,
I waited until I moved as I could not afford to me totally movement restricted while fixing the house to be sold,
that may have been a mistake as Im in constant pain 24/7 now, even when just sitting or sleeping, bone on bone rubbing in knee joints

btw always had the cowboy hat and have had a holster and pistol on my belt for the last 53 years
btw, in texas you don't require a permit to carry concealed or openly...
carrying openly is just looking for trouble in my opinion,
not carrying, or knowing how and when your justified to use what you carry effectively is just leaving yourself defenseless.


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I must be an od ball, I‘ve had a cc permit for 9 years. I carried it the first week, and later only when I was going out to a friends to shoot at their house. Aside from that it never occurs to me somebody’s going to get me. I guess I don’t live near any town that has a bad part.
Now my neighbor down the lane, I wouldn’t doubt he straps on and carries to the john. He investigated everone on the lane for how they voted, now he personally told everyone that didn’t vote his way that they “deserve to die.”
His driveway is about 15000’ down at the bottom of the hill and has just 1 single sign for the last election in ‘20 way up the street across from my driveway (I don’t even think its on his property). He has one camera on the sign and one pointed looking right up my driveway. See pictures - expand and look closely.
I guess he thinks it bothers me, we just laug about it.


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As for the truck the big 3 no longer have a “True” 4X4 where all wheels are in gear, the SS Silverado was AWD, the Denali 18 - 20 or so years ago that had rear steering also had AWD. My cargo van has AWD too. What a long truck if you can get crew cab and an 8 ft bed! I was going to say the best fit for you is the brand new Denali but you beat me to it! You may have paid up for this truck but 10 years from now you can get back 75 to 80% of the current cost. GM already is on record saying pickups will break past the $100,000 sticker by model year 2025.

Our township manager has the new Electric GM Truck that just started being delivered here on the 1st. He has an 80 decibel generator in the rear he can plug in to keep on going. His house is some big experimental project, some Geo thermal heat, AC and hot water withroof panels and turb windmill. You can’t talk to him without learning how he can sell back electric to the utility company.


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One word of great advice for the knees, Don’t put this off anymore than you have to. The longer you wait now after the serious pain sets in and you lost significant ability to bend at the knees, the harder rehab is going to be. Line up information ahead of time for getting a pain management doctor because most states have prescription laws that limit the medications the surgion can prescribe. Don’t let any thing rob you of rest afterwords. Its vital you function your best during rehab and that MUST start no later than 48 hrs after surgery. Theres’ so much to say. Theres’ one fact I can tell you. The proceedure for replacement is exactly the same for every surgery, so you will see that everything I tell you will be exactly what you will go through Right down to the therapy exercises you will do.


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I look at having the skills and equipment to handle a unexpected but potential lethal confrontation ,
about like having a fire extinguisher mounted on the wall near every exit door in my home and shop,
its equipment that's there's simply because if you ever need it you'll need it very badly,
and not having it easily in reach is going to potentially cost you far more,
than the cost and inconvenience of the purchase price and learning how to use it ever would!
yes I'm fully aware I may never need it, and hopefully that's something that will remain the case!
that's also why I carry a spare tire, have had video cameras covering almost every inch of my property on most homes,
and smoke detectors. knowing what's going on, and having the equipment to handle a potential threats,
just reasonable planning in my opinion.


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It’s just me, I live fast, loose and dangerous! If I prepared half that much I wouldn’t get off the couch. I have seatbelts, Half the time I don’t use them unless I’m in someone else’s car. I have a helmet but I rode my Harley without it. I stayed home rather than wearing a mask everywhere, and had condems but never used them. I survived growing up and raised kids without covers over the wall outlets, safety latches on gates and cabinets despite having them somewhere.
I forget and leave the house without my cell phone, sometimes my wallet and I get by. I’ve met several guys in several situations that left without their gun and that was too nuts to me.
Last weekend I was with my friend and his grandchildren at a church grounds Easter egg hunt. There was a guy there complaining he left home without his gun. He‘s asking people there if they could watch his kids while he ran home. It’s almost funny to hear what he’s saying - “I live jus live around the corner, I’ll be right back, I promice!” He almost had some woman willing but she found out and said no. Then this guy has a fit, grabs the kids by their arms and almost drags them to his truck while they were screaming and crying. Someone called the cops but that guy didn’t come back.
If anyone wants to justify that guy I’ll say there’s something wrong with them too! I encountered a few other inexplicable actors over the years that gave good reason to worry. Someone that used to be on here, would you want to work along side of him a small shop if he carried?
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