39 ford project


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has been a long time since the last time I wrote here
I started a new project, ford 39 standard
frame and body are badly rusted, so i made new frame
Longitudinal leaf springs in rear and stock front axle with coil springs and four link
I was lucky and found chrysler 331 hemi engine and plymout od gearbox
Engine is good condition crank and bearings are like new
There is small sholder in the cylinders but i hone cylindes and rering engine
I found hemi flywheel ,piston rings and lifters in old speedshop in sweden cost 160€ that was cheap
20170312_173418.jpg 20170214_200035.jpg
20170203_164501.jpg 20170203_164530.jpg 20170205_134320.jpg
Body is under the snow so i dont have pictures but it is badly rusted so i weld new floors
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that sounds like it might be a very interesting project!
Id love to see more details
Thanks grumpy
The engine is 54 with long nose cam
I think i put mild cam in or if i can find mcculloch supercharger that would be awesome
Gearbox is borg warner 3 speed with electric over drive i think its rare
Seller did not know what was selling so i paid 100€
I use 426 hemi flywheel mustang clutch parts and chrysler fluid drive bell housing

I dry to use old parts from fifties and sixties