402 BBC fresh rebuild has a couple non oiling rockers


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I have a 1972 402cid it is fresh rebuild the number 2 intake & number 4 intake rocker arms are not getting oil all the others are oiling great I can't figure it out oil pressure is 40 to 60 psi

Id suggest you try a simple test and swap out a couple push rods and their matched rockers that work, with those that don't ,in other cylinders, in working locations and carefully re-adjust ALL the rockers in question and see if that fixes the issues. clean all the push rods internally with pipe cleaners and carb cleaning solvent, and carefully visually inspect the rockers oil feed holes.
if clogged the visual inspection and cleaning plus location swap should help you locate the issues source.
there's a good chance the push rods or the oil feed holes in the rockers are partially blocked, if so the , non-oil flow in the individual rocker issue should follow the defective parts, or clear up if its simply mal adjusted

start the re-adjustment by backing off the rocker as the engine idles until it clicks audibly, then slowly tightened until the clicking stops at least twice as this will tend to free a stuck lifter.
BTW add a quart of marvel mystery oil, as it does tend to free sticky lifters