a couple interesting SBC aluminum head flow rate videos, with useful related info


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watch all three of the videos,
all the way through and
take a few notes,

ask questions, think things through,
if you have questions,
ask for clarification, and tips

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moly spray acts like a liquid solvent but in 15-20 minutes its just a slick fine grease, in two hours it looks like black soot., but you can,t see it soak into the micro surfaces, but you will feel THE DIFFERENCE AFTER REPEATED USE



Moly exists as microscopic hexagonal crystal platelets Several molecules make up one of these platelets. A single molecule of Moly contains two sulfur atoms and one molybdenum atom. Moly platelets are attracted to metal surfaces. This attraction and the force of moving surfaces in contact, rubbing across one another provide the necessary thermochemical reaction necessary for Moly to form an overlapping protective coating like armor on the rifle bore surface, This protective armor coating has a number of properties that are very beneficial for your rifles bore surface


The Moly platelets that make up the protective layers on your bore wall surfaces slide across one another very easily. Instead of metal rubbing against metal, you have Moly platelets moving across one another protecting and lubricating the bore to projectile surface contact

This coating effectively fills in the microscopic pores that cover the surface of all micro bore imperfections making them smoother. By filling in the craters and pores Moly improves this seal

This overlapping coating of Moly also gives protection against loading (perpendicular) forces. The high pressures that occur between these moving surfaces that tend to squeeze normal lubricants out.


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