a few pontiac related dynos


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Some to watch later today.
Long stroke 535. they don't like to be buzzed high. Need real good heads to feed it, all aftermarket build also.


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When you have that much stroke and displacement, you don’t need the high rpms to make TQ/HP. That would be a great street engine!


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When you have that much stroke and displacement, you don’t need the high rpms to make TQ/HP. That would be a great street engine!
535 is an expensive build Bob.
Mega torque is nice.
Also very hard to hookup come battle time.
4-link backhalf car.
Hp there but not stellar.

455 - 462 my favorite.

Some guys happy.
Lots of options.


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When you have that much stroke and displacement, you don’t need the high rpms to make TQ/HP. That would be a great street engine!
Also require Super Danger Zone Cams to perform No Prep Drag Race.
Hotter than I prefer if you believe that.

Some New Ram Air 5 HEADS out.
I like .
$20 K with headers to own.

Eddy Eddelbrock Heads Pro Race ported a good option.


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Watched the 535 Vid Grump.
No real smart running making pulls without the water pump turning.
It's a Pump gas build.
Can hear it.
Revving up lazy.
Soft cam.
Actually made less Hp than I expected.

Dodge shut it right down.
Baseline .


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Nick makes Fun Videos to watch.

It has the D-port Edelbrock heads.
Never seen them on a Dyno till tonight.
A True low budget street engine.
It's a little Flat tappet hydraulic cam.
About 220 @ .050 lift.
Looking at maybe a .510- .520 " lift cam only.
Not sure of Lobe centerline but it's Super Loud.
Maybe a 108.

Vintage OFFENHAUSER Daul quad intake still works.
A 50 year old design now.

All Hp in by 4800 Rpm.
I know it's a small cam.
Stock Stamped steel rockers also.


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I found a 1970 Firebird Espirit Pontiac 350 Engine I want Grumpy.
Its a complete Running Longblock.
Not too far away from me.
Its dirt cheep to buy.
Made to run on 1970 Regular gasoline that is about 91 RM/2 today.
Can be setup to run on 87 octane pee water gas easy like I pulled off with the 1965 Olds 425 Super Rocket V8.

255 HP Rated.
Not great but not too bad.
The Vortech 350 in the 1999 Chevy Tahoe has 250 HP.
The 1987 Corvette has 245 Rated HP.

Think torque on the 1970 Pontiac 350 is close to 400 ft/lbs. Have to look it up in my 1970 Pontiac service manual.
I still have that 1997 Chevy Blazer4x4 with the blown up 4.3 L V6 engine, Sheet Chevy engine to begin with and Junk day 1 it was built.
Not paying $1k for a used time bomb 4.3 V6.
Damn 4.3 is worth $5 bucks only running.

I Like 1 off engine swaps.
They are Fun !

May go & get that 1970 Pontiac 350 this morning with my boys. Hookup the car trailer.


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the pontiac 350, properly built can produce rather impressive power.
as always , a few days spent in doing valid research and a few reference sources go a long way towards reducing mistakes and helping to insure a good build,
it also helps a great deal to deal in well documented performance parts.
skipping the links and sub links will generally cost you time and wasted cash, so do your research, before you start buying parts, or having machine work done



http://www.krepower.com/Pontiac Aluminum Billet Cylinder Heads.htm












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Have 3 good Pontiac 455's Grumpy.
Full Drag Race 1 for the Trans Am.

Ponch 389's also.

Want the Pontiac 350 for daily driver pump gas 87 octane burner.
Real Basic low buck project.


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In Iowa with my boys.
Driving to check out the 1970 Pontiac 350.
Brought my Boroscope and compression guage.
Looks good in pics.

Looked up and it's rated higher than VOTECH 350 and 5.3 LS.


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I bought the Little Tin Indian Pontiac 350.
It's a good engine yet.
Checked out A-Ok.
Clean oil.
I can smell the High Zinc Phosphorus oil in it.
Wix filter on it.
Survior. Not a single dent in the oil pan.
Long block minus intake and carb and distributor. I have extra for Pontiac V8 parts.
$225 only I paid.
Was $250.

Can not buy any engine that low today.
LS 5.3 is at least $300 used.


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The Wife was not Happy I took my young Boys Nicholas & Jamie to Iowa City, Iowa to pickup the 1970 Firebird Espirit 350 engine yesterday Grumpy !
She screamed on the phone all You Think about is Cars & Race Cars !
She flies back from the East Coast today, I pick her up this afternoon from Midway airport Chicago.

Well Yeah......Its home here the Little Tin Indian 1970 Firebird Pontiac 350.
Thinking a cam swap flat tappet hydraulic Isky 270 Mega or 280 Mega series Cam.
Use my 1965 GTO Tripower I have. I last used it in 1998.


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I was asked if I had any suggestions on building a 389- 400 pontiac engine for a local guys le mans
keep in mind the stock 1967 GTO engine specs which we will improve on

Wheelbase, inches: 115.0

Weight, lbs: 3,425

Number built: 81,722

Base price: $2,871

Top Available Engine

Type: ohv V-8

Displacement, cid: 400

Fuel system: 1 x 4 bbl.

Compression ratio: 10.75:1

Horsepower @ rpm: 360 @ 5400

Torque @ rpm: 438 @ 3800

Representative Performance

0-60 mph, sec: 6.6

1/4 mile, sec @ mph: 14.66 @ 99

now Im going to assume here, after talking with the cars owner,
that he wants to run pump gas and basically boost performance on a car,
that will be used for daily transportation at least occasionally

and the car in question has a TH400 transmission and 3.55:1 rear gears
keep in mind the stock heads , stock intake manifold ,
and connecting rods are the areas most in need of upgrading,

and use of a mild performance hydraulic roller cam
matched too decent flowing heads and a decent intake can significantly boost performance.:D

the object is not a race engine build,

its simply a massive increase in lower and mid rpm torque,
and a noticeable increase in horse power and increased durability.
most Pontiac blocks and cranks are rather well known for decent strength,
in o.e.m. components,
but the connecting rods are in most cases also know for being less than ideal.
the 389 Pontiac he has has a
389 CU. IN. Stock Bore 4.062 / stroke 3.750
its rather easily able, too, with the correct selected aftermarket parts, used,
to out perform the similar displacement 383 sbc engine.
Id try to find a 9.5:1-10:1 compression piston for the build as it helps a great deal in producing power.
and yeah, youll need long tube headers and a low flow restriction exhaust, Id suggest a dual 3" with an (X) pipe behind the headers,

be very sure you select headers matching the cylinder heads,
not all pontiac headers match all pontiac head exhaust port designs

Measurements needed to determine the CR:

  • Cylinder bore diameter
  • Crankshaft stroke length
  • Head gasket bore diameter
  • Head gasket compressed thickness
  • Combustion chamber volume
  • Piston dome volume
  • Piston deck clearance volume


If I was building any 389-455 for brisk street/strip performance use,
Id use these pontiac after-market components as a base.

intake manifold

connecting rods

hydraulic roller cam
(Basic street performance daily use)

450 -470 hp should be easy

yes you could rather easily boost power with a cam having about 227/237 duration and .560 lift , like this
but you would need a 2500 rpm stall converter to match it.
over 500 hp should be easy








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